William's Grove

June 23, 2000

We exited Hershey by means of the parkway, then took the turnpike and followed Jim's directions which flawlessly put us in front of the sign :Williams Grove Amusement Park" But what the? There is a baricade accross the park entrance. I had heard of them doing this so we head further downt he road and enter "williams Grove Speedway" Close but no cigar, upon exiting the speedway, we note a sign "For Park use next right" Hmm the next right is this little side street, we take the next right and hope it takes us to the right place, and soon enough we eye the park on the left and parking on the right. We find a free parking space, cross the street, and cross the bridge into the park. We decide on the pay-one-price, even though we don't plan on riding much, besided they were offering a free hotdog with purchase of a ridepass. The lady put the string around our wrist, then Oh-No-, Stamped our hand whith a HUGE handstamp that covered over my valuable, though invisible Hersheypark handstamp.

(Ed note: I would have no problem reentering Hershey that afternoon)

We enter the park and take a look around, note the Go-Karts and the midway rides, note the odd 'roofless' Musik Express, and also note the Cyclone train parked on the lifthill, and workers working with a powersaw and fresh lumber down in the station. Oh-No. But then I'd been warned that the coaster sometimes doesn't make showtime until 1PM, it was only 12:30 so we decided to wait it out. We head around the park and decide to walk through the Allotria, the parks Funhouse.

Man, this is classic funhouse heaven! I mean as in a person could really get hurt funhouse. It seems that everywhere you go the floor is moving some kind of wa, the stairs show you no mercy, and the rolling barrel at the end is great. Ok, first you enter down a hallway with barrels on either side, while the floor is shifting from side to side, then climb up some stairs which are also shifting from side to side, in an alternate pattern to the one before, then comes the rocking room, then a strange stairway that tilts out and in as you try to cliimb. Then some dark hallways, and a tilted room, and a short maze, then you come to the noisy room, a room that can be heard throughout the park. Here you travel accross a series of bridges each a few steps down from the last. These bridges have several tricks up their sleeve, such as the buckling bridge, and the one that shifts rapdily forwards and back. The only stunt that was non operational was the conveyor belt, then a trip past some funhouse mirrorss, then the rolling barrel finale, which is optional.

Some further parkwalking revealed the LACK of a Wildcat that was supposed to have been moved here. We also failed to ride the kiddie coaster. We then made our way back around to the concession stand to pick up our free hotdog, and purchase a bottle of pop. While eating the hotdog we noted the Cyclone being tested. We walked around past the Dodgems, but decided not to ride instead heading towards the Cyclone. But it doesn't look quite ready so we go through Dante's Inferno.

Dante's is a dark ride, one that is not in too bad of shape, and the stunts seemed to be working fine. A classic example of a classic dark ride.

We then get in line for Twister, when I notice a good sized line for the Cyclone, knowing about the 10 riders rule, we head for the Cyclone. What's this NO operator in the station, NO train in the station, NO train on the lift. No trainon the back brake. We wait a few minutes and notice the train to be apparently MIA.

I score my Twister ride while Eric goes train hunting. Twister is a demented little spin-n-puke one where your fate is up to the operator, and the WG op appears to be good at applying the goods. I found it to be a unique ride, and quite enjoyed it. Restraints are merely a seatbelt. Then I go Eric and train hunting. No sign by the coaster station, still unmanned, so I follow aloingside the coaster, walking around the carousel, and being careful as I alked around the train tracks, to a picninc table where Eric was pointing to me then up at the coaster. Yep stopped at the top of one of the hills was the Cyclone's train. A few minutes later it seems like all the parks rides maint staff was busy pushing the train over the hill. Just before it crested one man walkked down track to the station to man the brakes and the others gave a good shove then jiumped in and rode back to the staiton. Ok, to the station with speed, again dodging the train ride, we make it back to the station to see the rides main people leaving. We stand around. We walk up the entrance ramp "Shame, if I had another 8 like you I could run it"

We start flagging folks down from the midway, he says he will let us at least sit in the train, figuring us to be coaster enthusaists.. We take some seats in the train, and are busy flagging riders down from the midway "Come Join us". After what seemed like forever riders slowly started to appear. 3, 4, 5. Okay halfway there, come on Dad you can ride, at least once.. We wait, finally the operator adjusts some valves, and says "If all of you ride in the front car, I'll run it" "I need all the wieght up front" We move from the backcar to the frontcar, and sit down, and fasten seatbelts. A few more minutes and I hear those magic words "Push forward then pull back on your lapbars" Okay time to ride. We start up the lift, turn and proceed on a rather smooth ride, Turnaround, and I cross fingers as we make it over those last two hills every so slightly. We exit glad we got a ride in, and whats this there is a group of people entering, time for another ride. Same deal 5 people all front car. I ride up in front seat. I wonder why this has gotten the name "Scariest Coaster" it's really not all tha bad. We exit and there is a line formed at the entrance we count more than 6 people, we get in line, oh darn the only thing open is the back two seats. I climb in back, eric tkes next to back. No seat dividers here. We fasten belts and lapbars and off we go on a backseat ride. Still the ride isn't nearly as bad as the reputation. Though I do have to wonder about us running clear cross park to ride a coaster we just saw not complete the circuit.

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