Universal Studios Florida

February 10, 2000

Trip Report : Universal Studios Florida

Date: May 10 2000

Weather: warm

Crowds: Light

Admission : $46 (we used our park hopper from IOA)


Park arrival section same as my IOA TR, just remember to turn right when directed.

Well Citiwalk I now relaize is where the former USF parking lot was, as we curve around to the familar park entrance.

We only planned to stay the morning in USF then head back to IOA. Which we did do.

Eric and I first decided to pay a visit on the Terminator, and watch T23D. We walked right into the preshow room after picking up our safety goggles in the empty queue line. Preshow was a sickly sweet PR person from Cyberdine showing a cutsy little PR video that was jammed with some message about Skynet being the ruin of the world as we know it. At end of video the PR person advised us to pay nomind to those two twisted wapred indivuduals. Then the autitorium doors opened and we took our seats. Wow, first live action (The Robotic Infantry demonstration) then the movie starts and all thoughtout live action on stage and 3d action on film is in perfect sync. Amazing. Like when the motorcycle driver, who is very real and is very on stage drives right into the movie screen where he is then seen in the movie in a seamless transition. to the fog, the water, the seat drop, the room vibrating. WOW a very impressive presentation.

Then we went over to ride my favorite motion sim ride, Back To The Future: The Ride, where you ride in the 8 passenger Delorean under an Omnimax screen. Queue line themeing here is great where the preshow room is a scientist office, and we got the front row of the car. A very turbulant advance motion film, with a good storyline, and good movie,motion synergy

Then we made a quick hike clear cross park (after deciding that the Jaws line was too long) and headed over to check out Twister. Twister merely required that we waited for the next show. The first prehsow chamber is almost an educational making of the moviews type presentation, and a little about sotrmchasing, then we enter the wrecked house, where the preshow continues on old fashioned looking TVs, then we are ushered into the movie set, where the tornado scen is recreated for us with fire effects, water effects, the funnel , strong winds, the grandstand falling under us. A good imersion. I actually thought they did a good job with this.

Then we started to head back to ride stuff, first hitting KongFrontation(10-15min) . An interesting darkride, however it seems a bit dated now. Then we hit Earhtquake. Two show wait here, and as we wathced the casting call in preshow chamber 1 we noted how perilously close we were to our dinner reservations, So we got right in front of automatic doors, so we could dash through room 2 (where the making of Earthquake movie is shown), but the doors to the actual loading area were already closed so we had to watch the live action portion where audience volunteers perform stunts. (I had seen this all before) But we were up and ready to dash through the doors as soon as they opened and were first to board the subway train for our Earhtquake experience. Impressive.

Then we hightailed it through that park so fast, made it up to front gate, got hands stamped, ran through Citiwalk, to get to our reservations at Margaritaville, and the restaurant was not even full to the point of asking if you had them. Ah well, got my exercise. And the only major 'ride I missed was Jaws. ET was down for rehab, we forgot about Woody altogether until it was too late, and I had viewed the shows on my last trip.

(Cut to IOA TR)

Then after IOA closed down we got more handstamps, and hitailed it back through Citywalk to reneter USF (we noted large influx at reentry line and overwhelmed attendants not checking hamdstamps that closely, and not making you run ticket through scanner) (By then the park was only open but another 1/2 hour) We did meet our objective: another T23D experience, and then we remembered Woody but it was 6:55 and a kiddie coaster is not worth running all out to get to. Instead we opted for the Dynamite Nights Stunt Spectacular on the lagon, their nightly stunt show. Then a souvineer and ice cream stand run and it was another walk through citiwalk and back to the garages. I noted we must have been tired bacause we were content with letting the moving sidewalks drag our butts back to our parking spaces rather than trying to walk faster.

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