Universal Studio's Florida

Location: Orlando, FL

Date: July, 1995

Attendance: Jam Packed

Weather: HOT!!!!!

Admission: Aprox. $35

Description: Universal studio's Florida production center. According to them it's a movie studio backlot first, and a theme park second, (Yeah, Right)


The Funtastic world of Hana-Barbera-

Description: A motion simulator showing of an HB cartoon

Note: Due to crowds, I did not get to see this.

E.T.'s Adventure

A suspended dark ride, depicting E.T.'s escape to the green planet. Well done, reminicent of Peter Pan's Flight. E.T. says goodbye to you by name at the end of the ride. Has decieving entrance. First you wait out in the sun, then in the shade, then you see the pre show, then you give your name to the 'passport agent' then you see a sign "ride entrance" which leads to another queue line..

Back to the Future: The Ride

An intense motion simulator based on BTTF, shown in OMNIMAX.

After waiting through the longest line in the park, you will be admitted through one of three entrances (floors) to the building, after a 3 stage pre-show, one in the queue line, another at the queue gates, and a third in a 'holding room' you are admitted to the ride vehicle, an 8 passenger Delorean than is lifted into the OMNIMAX under disquise of fog. Then the film starts along with the most intense motion simulator I've ever been in, I mean quick violent direction changes. Folks, this one has LAP BARS, it is that violent. Easily the best motion-simulator and the best ride at USF.

Jaws: The escape

A outdoor boat ride (think jungle cruise) where you encounter Jaws and after seing several special effects manage to kill him and escape. Good ride, has frequent mechanical trouble, and the Jaws effect is rather fake.

Earthquake: The Big One

A 'disaster simulator'

After seeing a film clip from Earthquake, you then go into a theater to see a couple stunts re-enacted with audience volunteers. After the show the doors open into the subway station where you wait behind the queue gates. After boarding the subway you head through a tube to the next station where all hell breaks loose and you see the station totaly destroyed by an earthquake. The cool thing is you get to see it all reset. Very good ride, not to be missed.


A dark ride themed after King Kong

After heading through the queue line in the model New York aeirial tram station (complete including graffiti) you head up ramps and board a Tram, the guided tram ride takes you through New York where you encounter King Kong, after several passes , he finally hurtles your cable car to the ground (simulated) you get to see your facial reaction on TV as you are pulled into the station. This is not one of their good rides, worth riding once but that's it.


Wild,Wild,Wild, West Stunt Show -

A movie stunt show, this one's played for laughs rather than to teach you

Animal Actors Stage -

Animal actors perform various stunts.

Beetlejuice Musical Revue-

Character show

Gory, gruesome, grotesque horror make up show

A movie make-up show

and more..

A 3D alfred hitchcock movie, and movie making presentation

A Murder she wrote show on post production

A tram tour around the backlot

Nickelodeon Studios tour

Opinion: Awesome rides, but minimal movie making educational content

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