Stricker's Grove

June 16, 1999

Trip Report: Stricker's Grove

Date: June 16, 1999

Weather: Cool

Crowds: "This park IS open, isn't it?"

Admission: $3.00/carload P-O-P, worked out to 75 CENTS!

"So this is why it's called a picnic park"

Well, I could not make it one week without a coaster, between SRM weekend (see earlier TR) and the upcoming Coasterville Coaster Con 1999 (see TR coming in two weeks) I decided to break the long week in between with a trip to Stricker's. And not only that I had a real invite to go to Strickers!. You see Strickers is a private owned amusement park that does private parties. There are two opportunites for the GP, keep reading to find out what those are.

Well, wouldn't you know the city bus I was on from work to home was running late, and it was not becasue of the driver stopping the bus just like Twisted Sisters stops. I got home around 5:45 from work. Park opened at 5:00 but I was not worried. Got home did a speedy change act and was soon back on the road, headed to Strickers which I arrived at (with my parents and good friend Eric Huelsman (who is also registered for Coasterville Coaster Con 1999) at 6:30pm. Unloaded the car just like in the good old days, went up to the front gate, paid our $3.00 admission per car. (Ah, the honor sytem, it says per carload, but unlike most parlks they did not come out to the car to check. ) Oh, and did I mention the new PAVED parking lot. At least the aisles are paved, your car still sits in gravel.

We entered the park and headed straight for the Picnic Grove (suprise you coaster crazies!) wherer we had a feast of Kentucky Fried Chicken while the park doles out free Coca-Cola and free Beer. By 7:00 our food is dvoured and we head to the Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear - an in-house Kiddie Woodie

Gotta love the headchopper, this run is running consistent with past performance, and we soon headed down to the Tornado. Gotta love that airtime slam (x2) in the back seat. And the rest of the patrons (the oh about 100 perople in the whole park IF THAT) wanted the front car. The middle car went out empty most of the time. In fact a couple times I saw them hold the train waiting for more riders. now if other parks could check lap bars as fast as they do on a slow day. (Of course when you don';t bother with the bars in empty seats....)

We then got off the Tornado and headed for the C.P. Huntington Train. A unique train ride taken at fast speed that goes around the perimiter of the strickers property. Some remians of an attempt at theming can be seen behind the softball field. Impressive was the impossibly small tunnel you go under the parking lot entrance.

After the train it was time to check out thier Miniature Golf Course ($2.50) A familar yet strange course. Unusual the holes were lined in metal instead of wood, and the holes have interesting flags that can be lifted out WITH a ball holder, NO STOOPING OVER, YEAH!

Oh, and the signs "DO NOT SWING PUTTER" posted on the bents of the roller coasters you play alongside. I mean you could easily touch the train as it zooms by. I soon learned to pause and take those all important putts AFTER the Tornado goes doen the first drop! These noise distractions when you are trying to putt :) Well I finished one over par, but Eric pared the course. Drat beat out by one little bitty stinking putt.

Well back to the midway, time to spin-n-spew!

First up the Crazy Daisey, and what good spinning action on the turnarounds, and those near misses on the criss-cross! I love this ride. Then it was over to the Tilt-A-Whirl, which ran a LOT better than a certain Tilt-A-Whirl sitting in Middletown, OH. I actually got some good spin action going.

Then a ride on the Teddy Bear which turned out to be a double ride. Woo-Hoo.

Then it was time to remember all my good friends back at RRC, and honor them with a Flying Skooters ride. I never could quite hit that tree, but it was not for lack of trying. I just never have gotten the hang of this.

Then let's go finish the day with some more Tornado rides, in a near empty train.

Once Eric had to go do something that we won't write here and I got a lap on the Tornado, alone. The whole train to myself and I choose the back seat. go figure. Well, going up the lift instead of thinking how awesome it was to be getting a solo ride, my thoughts were more like "Man if only the crew from RRC could be here to fill the other 17 seats" I almost feel guilty leaving you all behind while I enjoyed this treat.

Then the park closed at 9:00 "Ok, David you have to leave", oh so there were about 25 of us to be hearded out. Then it was on the road back home to write this TR..

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