It seems to take around 45 minutes to get from PKI to Strickers, and we got there halfway through the first of their two ride sessions. We didn't have much time at Stricker's but it would be enough. We paid the $8 admission fee for Strickers, which included free soft drinks. After first taking about 3 free soft drinks, we were advised to take a look behind the Skee Ball building.

Behind the skeeball building we noted the Schwabinchen ride, formerly of Cedar Point fame, in pieces. Looks like we know what Stricker's Grove's next new ride is going to be.

We then took a walk down themidway, where we could not help but pause when we saw the remains of the PTC Crazy Dazey (a two table Cuddle Up ride) . It looks like the Crazy Dasey is no more.

We then made our way back past the ever growing selection of classic rides to get to the Tornado. The line for the Tornado was only about halfway down the ramp, and soon we were getting into that back seat.

I still wish he would do something about the concrete-like seats, but the Tornado is still a great fun family coaster. Sure its developing a squeal that could rival Rolling Thunder., and the cool weather probably led to a sluggigh ride, but all in all its a fun little coaster.

Next we rode the other coaster, Teddy Bear, the parks junior coaster. Its a classic design, and runs great (though it too seemed a bit sluggish) The parks two wood coasters are painted white, with the Tornado recieing red trimwork, and the Teddy Bear getting blue trim work. The trimwork paint jobs seem very RCT-ish.

We then went back to the car, collecting a red handstamp, and our video cameras, so we could vidoetape the small classic park.

I looked in the Skeeball building since the park has been known to use souvineirs from defunct parks as skeeball prizes. I didn't see any of that, but I did see Stricker's Grove shirts. No gift shop, you have to win your souveniers.

I looked around to try to find something a bit more ticket friendly than skeeball (maximum 11 tickes per game for perfect play), but noted that Strickers does not have any of the ticket-crazy redemption machines that issue tickets by the bushel basket full. So, I gave up on tht idea, though I noted the shooting gallery awards one ticket at coin in, and one ticket for every target hit, so one could get 16 tickets per game with perfect marksmanship, and at $1.00 a game, it would thoretically take only $6.00 to get the shirt.

We then went back and finished the session with several rides on the Tornado. Looking around the Tornado line, we got an idea of who the Scavenger hunt losers are going to be. We were not the only Freak Out participants to go to Strickers. We rode until the first ride session ended, and then stopped by for some more drinks, just in time to see more of Schwabinchen get delivered. We then headed back to PKI, and after parking, gathering up what we needed, and all made our way to the picnic grove around 5:15.

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