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April 1, 2000

Trip Report: SFKK

Date: April 1, 2000

"Where else in my region can I ride a coaster today?"

Weather: Comfortable

Crowds: Fairly light

Well, on a last minute spur of the moment call, I found myself heafing to SFKK today. I met Dave Althoff and John Peck in front of Coasterville around 10:00 and we arrived at the park shortly after noon.

We then proceeded through season pass processing, which took about an hour. While standing in the season pass line we had time to read the comic book I was handed at the front gate. At first I thought it was a really extensive parkguide, but the map and guide are really crummy loosely attached to the inside front cover of the comic book by soime adhesive. What makes the comic book interesting is that there are at least two flagrant violations of rollercoaster safety. In one comic, Robin (as in Batman and) is seen standing up in a rollercoaster. But Elmer Fudd had to go one better, he was seen standing up FACING BACKWARDS in a rollercoaster car. Very interesting to see in an amusement park fun guide, especially with the recent ride safety climate in the industry. Got our premium book, the key feature of these is they include a free Wyandot Lake ticket.

Also at the sesaon pass center we noticed that the Hellevator is no more, now the rides name is "Giant Drop" although all the signage has not changed yet. Also only two of its sides were operating. With signs apologizing for the reduced capacity.

A little while later the rollercoaster riding fun started and my voice started leaving. (Darn sore throatt, I know an amusement park was such a grand idea for it) First up was looking at the concrete pad that is presumed to be the Wild Mouse. This is going about where the Squid was, and basically is little more than a concrete slab, with some interestign curved ends that just scream Wild Mouse. A little while further we were crossing "The Dam Bridge" and making ourway back to Chang!

Well the recording wasn't on today, however there were two trains on the track! At this point in the day we walked right onto the back seat. Upon ariving at the back seat, we have noticed that they have added Mantis style safety straps to Chang. These are to say the least a little bit awkward to fasten. But the Chang ride went alright, and next we headed to t^2. Hmm, a Vekoma SLC, we went for the back two rows, and I did the Outer Limits posture so this ride was not too bad. Then we noticed a Chaos thaqt would prove to be down mechanical all day, then the Blizzard River was not open, "due to cold temepratures" Bull! So I still haven't ridden this thing. We make it around by the Dragsters and notice that you can no longer walk from the dragsters under Thunder Run, to get to Thunder Run. Some new fencing requires you to walk from the Dragsters back to Twisted Sisters then back around Mile High Falls finally working your way to Thunder Run which is now a dead end. But it did signify a rare event: I was able to complete the cicruit!

So we stopped off at Twister Sister, only the pink side was operating today, the green train doesn't quite look ready to run, and a close inspection of the Sisters operating sticker indicated that the ride's permit currently only allows operation of the East Track. However it was running VERY well, with stong laterals up front and strong air in the back. That and the back seat rule has apparetly been abandoned. Twisted sister with almost no wait would become our most ridden coaster of the day, where I even rode Mark McKenzie style "Looking back over shoulder" and we tried the chain. An excellent performer. Next came Thriller Bees which was uneventful, then we worked our way around to Thunder Run. Thunder Run needs that second train BAD, the line was backed up clean to the area underneath the station. But after getting on Thunder Run, especially up front get ready for airtime kingdom. WOW! This ride got better as the day went on.

Also in the back section of the park we rode RollerSkater, lookied at the Carousel and noted that there are zebras on the carousel. Lastly for the other side of the park was the Giant wheel here the operators were still a bit rusty but doing basically a good enough job.

Quake - down all day, stuck in real bad position. Also our second ride on Chang, the park did admit to operator error when the train was not fully dispatched (itr stopped just before engaging the lift, which required a mechanic to come out and use the manual control panel to manuallyt put the train onto the chain lifrt ever so slowly then restart the ride at normal speed.

Now on the front half of the park, we did Rainbow where the rather wonderful looking female decorative statues have been removed. (And they scratched the name Hellavator, yet they give South Park prizes at the games, go figure) We rode Enterprise and mode our way over to Himalayah where Dave A. rattled off a laundry list of problems with the ride. not specific to SFKK but to the ride model itself.

But honetly for SFKK, this was a fabulous opening day, the rides they had operating (which was most of them) were running real well, the crews were doing a great job, and things look good.

Wild Mouse - no mention of it anywhere in the park, and not on the park maps or park gudes. Yet the park guide advertises 7 great coasters. Even if they count Twisted Sisters as TWO that still only gives six (Chang, T^2, Thunder Runm Lolla, Stella, RollerSkater) Remember Wild Mouse is not mentioned onywhere in the program or park, and Vampire has been removed. Of course since the rahter crapy park map is a seperate pull out it would not be that hard to substitue in a new map at the proper time. And if you consided that one of Twisted Sistersisn't certifed to run yet, we are down to only 5 great coasters.

And while I'm on the subject of deceptive advertising. Their Dippin Dots stand advertises a cup of dippin dots for $3.50, yet the come prepackaged in a cone shaped thing. Interesting thing about being prepackaged is it has a Nutrion Info label on it which indicated it is only 5/8 cup!!!! I want my other 3./8 of a cup, thank you very much,

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