June 22, 1999

We were just reading the ticket prices on the sign. ($14.95 POP, $6.95 PPR) when the man who was watching the exit turnstiles approached us, said something about this being a school day in the park, but with a slight gratuity he would let us in. So after selling out any sense of morals (Hey there are three coasters to ride!), we entered the park. got our hands stamped, and were soon heading to the Jack Rabbit. The Jack Rabbit was a walk-on, and we walked right onto the back seat,(#80) witht he promise that this ride goes "fast faST FAST!. Oh, my first experience with Morgan trains, and now I wanna know what all the whining and moaning is about. Shoot these trains are roomy, the lap bar is nice and loose. A very comfortable ride. (did I mention they track really well) We were soon on our uneventful ride on the Jack Rabbit. Oh I do like the final helix and the drop in the tunnel. The curved skid brake run (ok a real slight curve, but still, the manual brake lever operation) And I think, WoC says this is a Miller? Was Miller having a bad day? did the park say "We want the smoothest ride you can make?" Ok, on to the other two coasters. We were not sure of whent he park would close and since we knew Bobsled would take the longest we got in its line. 20 minutes later we were crammed into the back seat of a sled on bobsled (#81) Bobsled is a neat home brew coaster. It started as a wood kiddie coaster that they toally changed the ride system on. Not a bad fun little ride. Again mauual operation with foot pedals.

Now time for Quantum Loop, of all the coasters in the park, I had the highest expectations for this one. We walk right onto to the back seat. The operators lower the lap bar/shoulder hanress unpadded thingamajigger, they have a hard time locking iit, they get a socond op, and they both jam down hard on it. It locks and my shoulders are in severe aggony I let out a very audible scream as they lock the bar. While they are asking me if I can still breathe I note that one of the middle rows says "Larger Lap Bar" I ask to be reseated and move up to that middle row. Ah still snug but much more enjoyable. Eric enjoys to no end seeing me get relocated to the Fat-Boy row. I now prepare to ride Quantum Pain (#82) Whoever designed theae lapbars is a sadistic bastard, OUCH. Actually the ride itself was not too bad, two loops and a helix and some criss crosses. We returnt to the station the bar is unlocked and I make a run out the exit ramp.


A walk though the water park, wait isn't that the Vortex logo!!??!! on that waterslide! Walk past but don't ride the log flume. I really am getting tired of water rides, and will only ride them when in a group of folks who do. We then walk on the Zamperla Hawk, named Eagle. get an end seat. (They have two lanes "End Seats"/"All other seats"). Now this is a neat fun ride. I was not expecting the whole station floor to lower but knew SOMETHING had to happen. This flat ride is a winner. We head over to the Jack Rabit for another ride, then we walk down the CLASSIC midway noting no souvineer shops, and I take a ride int he Gyrodome. Gyrodome is one of those indoor scrambler rides, set to laser light and music. I had to wait a cycle, but was soon admitted. Open the lap bar, it LOOKS like an Eli Scrambler, but what are these seat dividers doing here?? And where is the inside lap bar, the one that extends from the door to your lap? Gone replaced by a thick cushion. Enough analyzing, time to ride the worlds slowest scrambler. I mean not even a hint of lateral pull to the side. After Gytodome it was back in the car,

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