Paramount's Kings Island

June 12 & 13, 1999

Arrived at PKI and saw the first signs of what would ultimately prove to be a long term closure of Drop Zone. DARN!!! We entered park and waited for 2,000 other RRCers to join us, and procced back towards Face/Off, easily 2 hours, we put it off until tommorow, so we go back and oggle at the constructions site, and they have a piece of structure up! Well it did not take long to head back to Beast. We got to station in time for a night ride, and heard the new Beast sound effect, and got a normal everyday run. EXCEPT the entire queue house was full and it was under an hour wait, they were really moving folks through tonight. You just kept walking inl line..

Off to Vortex, Back Seat Float Trick!, then back to finisht he night on Beast. We were on the last train of the night.

Made our way to the front gate, made plans, and I was soon heading for the Flaharty Hotel for the night.

Day #3 - Sunday June 13, 1999

Woke up around 6:30 on the road by 7:30, at PKI by 8:45

Entered park, had some pizza for breakfast, and then hit the ACE walk-back.

After my morning Beast ride (Last ride last night, first ride today) we headed to Outer Limis to find a mere 15 minute wait (if that).. Great in the front seat, no headbanging, I am really starting to take a liking to this ride.

Off Outer Limits, ride Racer Backwards, then Adventure Express and freak JJ Mailaman with the "Newbie Trick" (If you don't know what the Newbie Trick is, well I do not want to spoil it for potential victims here) Then go ride Top Gun and notice new Skycoaster Pricing structure. In lowest terms you have to cough up $45. Solo = $45, double = $22.50 each, Triple = $15 each.

Then it's off to King Cobra Take 1! - We get through one sixth of the queue, notice Face/Off is now open, go ride Face/Off on first train with guests, get back in line and ride again 40 minutes later. I LOVE Face/OFF thr ride just keeps getting better and better!

Then we go to King cobra Take 2 - We get a good way into the line when Storm #1 strikes. After being persuaded by Sean to stay in line (He happened to be under ocver) we finally boleted and took cover. Where we saw Paramount Action Zone's newest attraction: The wading Pool, yes 2' of water around the tower and kids WADING in it!. After the storm we Go ride King Cobra, third tries the chram and after all wanting the front position we all get though RIGHT before the ride closes in preperation for Storm #2 the big one.

But wait, somewhere I forgot lunchint he Festhaus including a Scinece Fair display of model roller coasters build by school kids up on the stage. One had popcorn as theming. Sean's reputation is well known. We make our way to International Stret, right as the storm hits. We duck into a gift shop, talk coaster, talk RCT, have a "Sour Candy Tasting Contest" (UGH was that shit nasty!, those little ;test tubes' of sour formula") Finally the storm lets up and we beeline for the Beast to get a water-enhanced ride. Now THAT'S the Beast we knoew and love!.

Then we go back past the Flying Skooters, and I get paired with Sam Ulruch. Cable popppin all around. Then another spin on Outer Limits. We get into the station just as the ride goes DDM. The station speaker is about the same quality as a drive though speaker, but after a short wait we are on and experience a slightly rought ride int he back. Down to Racer - Forwards, nice air, then to Adventue Express, then back to Vortex, then we finish the night on the Flying Skooters. (some made a mad dash to Beast, and they say they made it) Well they admit all of us to the Flying Skooters and no one wants to pair up, leaving Jerry and I stranded, Dave Althoff gives me this "Don't You Even THINK About It" look and we ask the op if we can wait till the next cycle, its okay, and we go back to the queue area, I watch the most awesome Flying Skooters exhibiton, then Jerry and I are admitted, andafter we get into our Eagles, they readmit the other RRC'ers to fill in. how un-PKI. We take one more wilder ride on the Skooters, thank them and make our way to the Ice Cream stand, eat Ice Cream as we mosey back to the park exit, talk with Anige a while. And out to our cars, say our good-byes.

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