Trip Report: Paramount's Kings Island

Cincinnati, OH

October 26, 2006

Captain's Log: 10/26/06 - This is a journal entry of the my Kings Island trip on October 26, 2006.  I had not originally written a report for this visit so this is just a brief account, not up to my usual standards.  As such this report is only being posted here on the official site and not syndicated out like most of them are.

Closing day at Kings Island, it has become tradition to go to closing day for many years now, and the park once again extended the courtesy of reserving the final trains on Beast of the season for the coaster enthusiasts.  However, the park did not add an extra bonus weekend as it has the last several years.  This meant that for once, Cedar Point and Kings Island closed on the same day.  That means the group that I usually hang out with would not be there, so I heaqded up after church just like I had a few weeks ago.

So, me any my trusty camera enter the park, after noticing that the season pass processing line is quite obnoxious.  Did I note that today was the last day to renew and get free parking for next year.  So with little fuss, I enter the park and the first thing I do is get out my camera and finish last week's photo safari.  I got my International Street photos, paying special attention to get photos of all the tombstones in the cemetary of gone-but-not-forgotten attractions. I then took a trip to the top of Eiffel Tower to get some nice aerial photos of the park.   Just one more place to get photos, and that's Action Zone.   I intersperse getting photos of Action Zone with short to no wait rides on Delerium, Top Gun, Drop Zone and Face/Off.  (See, I told you this was going to be a much shorter than normal TR)

From there I put the camera back into its bag, and headed into Oktoberfest.  I headed to where the Work Zone fear zone was on October 1, to find a nice clear path.  Did they really get all the Fear Fest stuff put away that fast?  At any rate, I take a walk on ride on Adventure Express and head into Coney Mall/Maul.  Next up are the Racers, I first ride forward Racer than the backwards recaR.  As I am exiting recaR, I run into John Scudder, some members of CACE, and more.   They had just arrived at the park, so I suggested we head towards Flight of Fear.  

We all proceed to take rides on Flight of Fear, Vortex, Italian Job, and Beast.  By this time it is nearing 5PM and John still had not processed his renewal. So, we all head up to the front gate plaza via the walkway in the center of the park, and note the Work Zone had been added to this walkway between the floral clock and the Dodgems, and the whole thing had been designted a one way path, nice way to mess up park traffic flow. and note the season pass line is still obnoxious.  We leave John to process his pass, while we all go for a ride on Face/Off.  The line for Face/Off was short and we met up with John soon after exiting the ride.  It seems the park had realized they could not process all the people that were still in line by the end of the night.  So, what they did was offer to validate your season pass voucher, by stamping it with a special stamp.  This would indicate that you attempted to process on the last day, and that you were to receive the free parking when you processed in the spring. By this time, that group had needed to go on its way, so I waved them goodbye, and just happened to join up with Don Flint,who was just exiting Drop Zone.

We decided to go ride Vortex, and after that to ride Italian Job.  We boarded Italian Job, we launched, and I felt the brakes hit our train on the laumch track.  Uh-oh, Houston, we have a problem.  We got maybe halfway up the helix, before we rolled back.  ROLLBACK!!!!!!!  The brakes on the launch track locked on and stopped our train on the launch track. We had to wait on the launch track for some time until a maintenance man could come with an override key to release us.  When they did release the brakes, the entire ride crew, maintenance, and the area rides leads that had been called all joined to manually push the train back into the station.  We exited the train back into the station, they ran some test runs, we reboarded a train.  Then we got a ride that launched properly but with NONE of the special effects, no lights on the police cars, and the train stopped on the show scene brakes while the show scene stood motionless.

By the time our Italian Job ride ended, we had just enough time to dash up the hill to Beast.  This year the group waiting for Last Call on Beast was far smaller than usual, I'm guessing owing to Cedar Point closing on the same night.  Also, with no new attractions to announce for next season at this point, no real news to share.  We were thanked for yet another season's patronage, and then we waited around for Beast to clear out the regular day guests.  Then we were led into the Beast queue, and were offered one final Beast ride for the season.  After that it was just the walk back to the front gate, most likely followed by a trip to Culvers to end the season.

See you next season!!!

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