Paramount's Kings Dominion TR

Location: Doswell VA, near Richmond VA.

Date 7/6/94

Weather: HOT!

Crowd: Light (re-rides at night light)

Admission: Approx. $25

Description: A paramount Park, with themed sections, according to reports it is losing it's family image.



An Arrow Multi-element - 1991

Description: Starts off with an underwater tunnel (complete with splashing water effects, for the benefit of those watching from lakeside), and then goes over the lake for 4 inversions: 2 vertical loops, and 2 corkscrews and some other weird twists.

Trains: 2 by Arrow (7 cars/ 4 per car)

Opinion: The slowest corkscrew you'll ever go though, as well as a sudden direction change makes this ride rough on the riders. Not one of my favorite coasters.


A Mack Bobsled Coaster - 1988

Description: A steel coaster where the train rides in a steel trough and is free to swing from side to side, and even up the walls of the trough. Features several spiraling sections, as well as direction changes to highlight this ability. Rumor has it this is the closest we'll come to a Flying Turns ride. This is the only U.S. installation of this ride to date.

Trains: 3 trains (8 cars each, 2 per car (in-line tandem seating)

Opinion: Wow, I considered bobsled coasters a disappointing novelty until I rode this one. This really comes closest to the real thing (closer than even the Alpine Slide).


A Curtis Summers double out and back (in the woods)

Description: A double out and back (twister) that winds through the woods, featuring a tunnel with a dip inside, as well as being totally dark at night.

Trains: 2 by PTC (yellow and orange, I think) (7 cars/4 per car) These had headrests, seat dividers and traditional lap bars when I rode.

Opinion: A good ride, that is benefited by being back in the woods for a faster feel. Better than it's out in the open brother at Canada'a Wonderland.

Oddity: The Train Ride narration states that the Grizzly is a perfect scale-model of the Beast, having ridden the Beast hundreds of times, I found it hilarious that the park would give this deceiving narration, I guess since the GP really like the Beast or spread good stories about it, I guess this makes them want to ride the Grizzly.


A 1994 Double-out-and-back (International Coasters is cited but the ride is strikingly similar to Thunder Run at KK except this is a mirror-image).

Description: Wayne's World themed station leads to a double out and back, (see my description of the Kentucky Kingdom Thunder run if you want to know layout details) This is one airtime-laden ride.

Trains: 2 by PTC (6 cars/ 4 per car) - Headrests, seat dividers, and ratcheting lap bars.

Opinion: Smooth ride, lots of airtime, I loved it, got a double ride at night because of the small crowd.

Rebel Yell

A John Allen Racing Coaster - 1975

Description: A racing coaster with a classic out-and-back layout, with the out-part of the track together and then separating at the turnaround for the run back home. Features loads o' airtime. You can ride this forwards or Backwards. (Note the station arrangements of this and the Hurler are seeking to win 'Steel Phantom' awards for their ability to make re-rides a pain in the rear. Or at lest a long haul)

Trains: 2 per side by PTC (headrests, seat dividers, ratcheting lap bars( - 5 cars/ 6 per car

Opinion: Very fun ride, I learned here that ratcheting bars are not evil if you can leave it set on the loosest notch. Good Ride.

Filmography: Rollercoaster, 1977. This is the coaster Harry Caulder is forced to ride twice (in the front seat, no less) while the bad guy tries to plan a diversionary tactic to get ransom money. (This scene is often edited out of TV broadcasts) FWIW: other coasters in the movie include the Revolution at Magic Mountain, and the Ocean View Park Rocket, doesn't the Ocean View scene bring tears to any coaster enthusiasts eyes. as the track is blown up and the train literally flies through the park, winding up in the park marquee. (That would give new meaning to riding a Century Flyer!). Maybe someone could design a motion simulator based on this scene.

Scooby Doo

A John Allen Junior coaster - 1975

A figure 8 junior coaster, one of four in various Paramount Parks.

Trains: 2 PTC junior trains (5 cars, 4 per car) standard lap bars, no extras

Opinion: Fun ride, I like PKI's better with the tunnel.


A TOGO standup - 1986

Description: One of the stock TOGO standups, this one features a vertical loop, a helix and a slightly different layout to allow for the queue line.

Trains: 2 TOGO standup trains (6 cars, 2 per car)

Opinion: A bit rougher than the other TOGO stand-ups (Iv'e been on all three)

Shockwave Image:

Note: They have since added Outer Limits: Flight of Fear - an SM&C enclosed, launched, multi-element coaster. - 1996

Other Rides:

Opinion: Small theme park, going through transitions. Maybe it will come out ahead.

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