Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Location: Vaughn, Ontario, Canada

Date: 6/13/95

Weather: Just right.

Attendance: Light

Admission: $32 (canadian) POP, there is a goofy pay-per-ride scheme that I didn't quite understand. (I got in with a Paramount Pass so I really wasn't bothered with this)

Ride handstamp in place, I was ready to go:

Description: A Paramount theme park, has several themed area, including a Hana-Barbera land for the kids as well as 'movie-themed' rides and shows.


And there are plenty of them, too. :)

Nine rollercoasters and I'm not at Cedar Point, this is heaven.


A Vekoma Boomerang - 1987

Description: Your standard Vekoma boomerang

Train: 1 Train (Arrow-ish) (7 cars/ 4 per car)

Platform: Flush loaded, TPM here only 1 trainload admitted to the platform at a time (there are queue gates) and then only after the ride has passed through the station the second time. First-come First serve.

Dragon Fyre

An Arrow Multi-Element coaster - 1981

Description: A multi element coaster, featuring after the drop two vertical loops on the way out, turnaround for two corkscrews and a helix (An out & back with inversions). Brutally efficient looking, form and grace have no say here. Has an unusual transfer table, the train being taken off/on goes down an 'elevator style' piece of track to the transfer table located under the loading platform.

Trains: 2 early Arrow multi-element trains with the tightest (read uncomfortable) horsecollars I've seen (Yeah outer limits, are tight but still comfortable to wear). I mean after the corkscrew elements I was ready to get off at the first opportunity. (7 cars/ 4 per car)

Platform: Flush loading / Seat queues

Opinion: Put a more recent Arrow train on here an'd I'd love it. I am not usually one to complain of headbanging or OTS restraints but these were absolutely uncomfortable.. Good example of an early multi-element, with 4 inversions, no less.

Ghoster Coaster

A John Allen inspired / Curtis Summers built junior coaster. - 1981

A figure 8 junior coaster, not a bad ride. Good ride for the kids. According to ACE coaster classes, a wood coaster with a 41' lift or higher is a full size coaster. This coaster just falls short of the mark at 40'.

Trains: 2 junior trains by PTC w/ standard lap bars (5 cars/ 4 per car)

Platform: Flush loading, seat queues

Mighty Canadian Minebuster

"No, it's not a mine train!"

A Curtis Summers Out-and Back with a helix finale. - 1981

Description: A long out-and-back featuring a fast speed, and a tunneled-helix finale, and airtime laden hills. Rumor has it that this ride was based on the Cincinnati Coney Island Shooting Star.

Trains: 2 trains by PTC (orange and red, I think) They have headrests, seat dividers and ratcheting lap bars, with neat see through mechanism covers.

Platform: Flush loading, seat queues.


"No, it's not a skyride" - Who thinks up the ride names here

A TOGO Stand-up - 1985

Description: One of the TOGO triplets gracing the Paramount Parks. They feature a vertical loop, and a helix, as well as a series of bunny hops that give 'airtime' on a stand-up.

Trains: 2 TOGO stand-up trains (this one has padded restraints) (6 cars/ 4 per car)

Opinion: A stock novelty ride, worth a ride each visit for the unique experience.

Thunder Run

"The controversial coaster in the group"

A powered Mine Train coaster - 1986.

The electric powered coaster travels in and around Wonder Mountain on a mine - ride style course. A ride features 2 circuits with the special effects being different the second time around to give the feeling of a different course.

Train: 1 train just for this ride, cramped for 2 adults (this must be intended as a kiddie ride), the train has no seat dividers or headrests, only a lapbar..

Platform: Flush loaded, seat queues Exit winds down a long tunnel inside Wonder Mountain.

Opinion: Ho Hum, A dark ride masquerading as a roller-coaster.


A 1995 Vekoma SLC

Description: Your stock vekoma SLC this one features longer trains, and an Air Force base theme. It is neat seeing the workers in Canadian Air Force outfits (presumably) after riding the Top Guns in the U.S.A. (Paramount built 3 Top Guns and they're all different classes of coasters) My first SLC. SLC's feature five inversions, including a 2 inversion barrel roll.

Trains: 2 Vekoma SLC trains, (10 rows, 2 across seating)

Platform: Themed queue area (hidden references to other Paramount PArks), Flush loading, and indiv. seat queues. "Is it really worth it to wait an extra 1/2 hour just for the front seat?" - Ride op trying to shorten the front seat line by discouraging people.

Opinion: Cool! I like SLC's. I hope to move on to a B&M someday. My favorite ride in this park.


An Arrow Suspended coaster - 1991

Description: The lift hill takes you to the top of Wonder Mountain where you circle around the summit. The drop is timed perfectly to make it feel like you are falling off of the mountain, then a station fly-over (watch that structure shake!), and down for a fast swinging trip over a lake.

Trains : 2 Arrow suspended trains (6 cars/ 4 per car)

Platform: Flush loading, indiv. seat queues.

Wilde Beast

A Curtis Summers double-out-and-back - 1981

Similar to the Grizzly family of coasters, features a wide spread out double out and back design that some would call a twister, features good air-time when not braked (we got to ride it both ways on our trip brakes or no brakes). Rumor has it this ride is based on the Cincinnati Coney Island Wildcat.

Trains: 2 (yellow and purple, finally I got to ride a wood coaster in a train of my favorite color, purple, if I ever build/ get control over a wooden coaster it would be painted purple!)

Platform: Flush, w/ seat queues.

Opinion: Good to great coaster depending on:

No Brakes - Great coaster with airtime and a good layout.

Brakes - An allright coaster, good layout but no airtime.

Nine rollercoasters, that I liked better than Cedar Point's, with much less waiting, this really is heaven!

Other Rides:

Opinion of Park: A fabulous amusement park, I like this one even better than Cedar Point. Quite possibly my favorite. The 10 hour car ride (one-way) serves as a good deterrent however.

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