Old Town & Katnaga

February 10, 2000

After IOA on Wednesday, Eric and I , at Jerry's urging rode Katanga. Katanga is a Skyscraper, one of those evil rides that wisks you around in a complete circle up to 150' high at speeds of 70mph. This means you are upside down parts of the time. Despite Jerrys warnings, I found this to be a fun ride, mildly intense, but not worthy of a reride. Jerry swears I got the A-Ticket version of the ride, and not the E-Ticket.

Then we went to Old Town, and cashed in our free ride on the Windstorm. Eric used Old Town to recuperate from the intensity of the day, I was stupid enogh to ask for more. I did pay for this the next morning when I was really not feeling all that well in the morning, or most of the day. But that did not keep a good man down,

Windstorm - a nifty liitle family coaster the highlight had to be the twisting drop out of nowhere.

Mixer - "The only one in the world" accoridng to adverts placed in the park and on the ride itself (did anybody tell Knoebels that?) I took one ride on this, which turned into an extended ride as we feel that we were used for human advertising purposes. A later reride and we knew we were in for it when we were greeted with "You guys back for more????"

300' Skycoaster - While not technically Old Town turf the Skycoaster is easilyt accessed from Old Town. Ok I rode the 300'er, and I must report that it really did not feel all that different than the 180'er. I mean you get a scarier view from the top, the drop seems straighter down, they have a rader clock (we hit 77mph) and a fountain that loved to get you a bit wet, but not really that different from other Skycoasters. I think I am now done with Skycoasters not because they are scary but now even with the 300'er they just don't seem to delvier the same kind of thrill. they used to.

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