Ohio State Fair - TR

Location: Columbus, OH

Date: 8/16/96

Weather: Comfortable

Attendance: Light

Admission: Fairgrounds: $6, Rides POP: $11, rides 2 to 5 tickets each, $.50 tickets

Amusement Ride Suppier: Amusements of America

Run of Fair: 8/2 - 8/18 , 1996 (first 2 weeks of August)

Amusements of America Midway

note: most rides are 5 tickets, or $2.50 each, unless you are only interested in 1-2 rides the POP is a much better deal.


La Montana russas "Russian Mountains"

A Pinfari Looping Star (Single loop)

Description: A looping, portable rollercoaster. Features a twister like layout with an approx. 50' lift, turnaround for a drop and then back up the other side, turnaround trhrough the loop, which is small (approx. 30') then back up for helix, back across and up to turnaround intoo bunny hops, turnaround one last time for the brake run.

Trains: 2 small trains (Zyklon size) with OTS restraints. (3 cars/4 per car). The odd thing is is that the OTS restraints don't lock until the ride is dispatched, and they unlock as soon as you touch the unload platform. Imagine a big time safety-consious park with this kind of safety system <Ha Ha>. I saw a 3rd train on the transfer table.

Platform: Two-stop loading, despite the signs in german (with help from translations on rec.r-c) that say the sign says something along the lines of "Select your seat carefully", all seating was assigned from the front back.

Opinion: an overgrown Zyklon with a loop. Please understand that I like Zyklons, and while this may not be the tallest, fastest, loopiest ride, it wins respect on the grounds of being portable. The attendent says a 3 day set-up/knock-down is required. I liked it for what it was and found that it rode quite good, if a bit rough. Fun ride, my reason for going to the Fair. On rec.r-c there has been some disscusion as to how 3-car trains turn Zyklons into awesome airtime-producing fast rides. Since the first drop is about the same as on the large model Zyklons, I can see how the first drop in the back car can hold it's own against some bigger permanent coasters.


A pinfari Zyklon

Description: The large version of Zyklon, a big ride that gives some good drops and laterals.

Trains: 8(!) 4-seater cars were running around on this thing. With lap bars.

Opinion: Your standard Zyklon, neat only to watch because of the 8 train operation. Since this ride had a longer wait than the looping star, I only rode this once.

Also: A few versions of the Zamperla Dragon for the kids (2-3)

Other Rides:

Number in parenthesis indicates quantity in the case of repeated rides

Note on Chance Skydiver:

When I saw this ride, I wanted to ride it. It seemed like a combination of a rock-o-plane/roll-o-plane/loop-o-plane/fly-o-plane/flying scooters/rock and roll/flight commander all rolled into one. And of the aforementioned rides that I've ridden (rock-o-plane,rock and roll, roll-o-plane/ flying scooters and flight commander) I've liked all of them and though that this would be the ultimate. Also bummed because I did not see any extreeme carnival rides this year (zipper, CHAOS, mixer, evolution, hi-roller) I thought this would be fun) I WAS WRONG:

After cramming my 6'+ oversize body into the little cage (they let me ride single because of my size) and having to 'tuck it in' in order to get the safety bar locked, the ride started. First observation: the steering wheel does not do shit, unless you have awesome strength. which I don't. 2nd observation: once flipped upside down righting yourself becomes very hard. 3rd though, there's no brake to lock yourself in one place. I managed to keep upright during the load phase and decided to have my fun during the actual ride, the actual ride was very intense and with all of my weight on one side of the car I started flipping upside down, but not quite rolling over, I found that by shifting my weight, I could get the ride to do barrel rolls ocasionally. I loved going through the station upside-down, my head was all the way to the top of the cage so this made sudden death look iminent. This was all well and good for the first 30 sec., then I started developing a headache and feeling queesy. All I started to think aboout was "How much longer can they possibly run this ride" and also the though that if I hurled in the cage, it would be trapped and would roll around with me (not a pretty thought). So after getting near-sick and not liking being flung upside down and around in all different directions uncontrolably, I was ready to call this ride quits. At the end of the ride, the operator pulled a mean prank on me. I was the 2nd person on, so I thought I'd be the 2nd person off, wrong, they unloaded the cars in the reverse order (running the wheel backwards) and then having to backtrack for people who chicken out the first time they flip over. Needles to say the unloading process was very exerting, since my strength was shot, I endured unload completely upside-down. Needles to say I'll never get on that ride again.

For those who don;t know what a Skydiver is, it looks like a gigantic rock-o-plane except that the cars turn to the side, as if to do barrel rolls, instead of forward and backward

Other attractions (ride related)

grouped here becuase POP does not apply to them.


A long skyride from one end of the fair to the other ($1.50)

Red Rock Run

An Iwerks motion simulator - great movie of a futuristic roller coaster, very intense. It prooved to me that an Iwerks show can be good, and that Days of Thunder merely suffers from an awful film ($4)

Trampoline Thing

If you know the point of this thing, please tell me. ($5)

The Wall

Simulated Rock climbing, you rock climbed with the aid of a skilled staff member up an artificial wall, with varying degrees of dificulty ($4)

Reverse Bungee

An unusual twist on bungeeing, you wear a full body harness and are tethered to the ground, then 2 bungee cords are attached to your back from two towers one on either side, the other ends of the cors are then raised to the tops of the tower, pulling them taught. Then the ground tether is released and you are shot up into the air at incredible speed where you do flips and stuff before loosing momentum and come back down. ($40)


True by-the-ankle bungee jumping ($40)

Opinion: This years midway suffered from the lack of extreme carnival rides (the kind you only find at traveling show that just seem a bit more intense than your average flat ride). It did have one gem in the portable looping coaster. Otherwise, a dissapointment :(

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