Morey's Piers

June 19, 2000

Welcome back!

Morey's Piers was to be the first stop on a Coaster Trip taken by Eric Huelsman and myself. (Eric, if you feel like commenting and telling me where I goofed up, please go ahead)

We arrived at the Pier's shortly after opening, and first drove around the back of the piers to kinda get a feel for the land, then decided to park in a $4 lot behind the Gateway Arcade.

We decided to start at Morey's Piers and finish up on the Great White, so we got out of the car and headed onto the actual Morey's Pier. The piers are a lot brighter and colorful than I expected, and the whole area was reasonably clean, the rides look to be well taken care of and the whole place generates a 'fun' atmosphere. We bought a 3 Pier Passport from the nearest ticket booth ($29.95) which included a free Go-Kart ride, and I notice on my wristband that I was serial number 12, I guess we did get there kinda early. Although we wanted to save the CCI for last, we did want to start out a coaster trip on a coaster.

Enter "Flitzer", Flitzer is a Schwarzkopf coaster, portable looking and it looks small when you first see it. What it lacks in size it has in fun value. We got in the near walk on line, and noticed a sign "There must be 2 or 3 riders per car", however they were not enforcing that sign, so we got to ride alone. the cars have tandem in-line style (log flume style) seats, with retracting seatbelts. The ride has a peppy quick climb up the lift, then I notice that the ride is literally loaded with scenery panels. While you never quite go through a tunnel, the scenery panels at times block your sideways view, especially of other parts of the track. Call me strange but I really found this tio be a fun ride, and event hough it was small it put a smile on my face by the time it was over, where the cars are brought to a halt just outside the station for unloading. (#109) We then noticed they were selling on-ride photos, on a Flitzer??!!???. We got three rides in on this one.

We then headed over towards the Dinosaur Beach side of the pier, and took a ride on the new RC48 (yep thats the name the park uses for it). A walk on wait, and they were runing two trains with two stop loading RC48 is almost Drachen Fire blue, and despite contrary belief is not exactly a Zyklon and sports a differny layout alltogether, its actually a fun layout. We get into the train and are told not to pull down on the shoulder harness. A few minutes later something happens that I thought Dave Althoff said would be impractical, the shoulder harnesses slowly begin to lower themselves onto the riders. Then a trip up a STEEP lift hill and onto a rather novel layout. I say that the OTSR's ont his ride are totally uncalled for, and may wind up hurting what would otherwise be an imensely rideable riude. We took two rides on this one in the very front and one in the very back., For rideablilty sake I would suggest going toward the front. (#110)

We then walked aaround rode the Wisdom Tornado, and looked at the strange looking but closed for the day Log Flume, saw the waterpark, and headed to the Great Noreaster. Great Noreaster is perhaps the most interesting SLC, interesting in that it is intertwined with so many other rides, not to metnion the view. Also interesting in that the station is in a different place than with most other SLCs. Great Noreater would also be a walk on, and we took our first ride in the back seat. WOW, this ride is so much more fun when you are breexing past all that other ride equipment. And Whoa this was the smoothest ride I've ever had on an SLC. How does Morey's do it? We took another ride in seat #2. A bit rougher than in the back, but not anywhere near as bad as say T2. (#111)

It was as we were exiting , that it decided to rain for like an hour, not hard rain but a slow steady rain. Enough to be annoying not enough to keep us off the rides. And we rode some of Morey's other rides, like Dante's Inferno, a unqiue double decker dark ride, where we commented that if that were an RCT Ghost Train it would need brakes. Dante's was not a bad ride at all and was a good example of a classic dark ride. We also rode the Condor which slows down while you are up top, and then took a walk around and noted the other family attractions (Such as the double decker carousel)

We then headed on down the Boardwalk and took a look at the remains of Dinosaur Beach. A moment of silence please...

The Log Flume and Golden Nugget are stll standing but were not operating as was a big green building with "Escape from Dinosaur Beach:" painted on it. The pier is currently being used as a Go-Kart concession, You can only walk about a 1/3 of the way down it but you can Go-Kart race to the Golden Nugget and back.

Okay enough of this lets walk furtherer down the Boardwalk while "Watch out for the Tram Car" ($2.00/ride), and as we neared Mariner's Landing we noted a Den of Lost Thieves, the Sally Shoot Em up, we decided to save this for later. We decided to instead enter Mariner's Landing where a strangely familar double decker carousel is present as well as some kiddie rides, but oddly enough the park layout looks oddly familar. We walk down and look at the new rides a"Moby Dick" (A Crazy Surf) we decided to skip it, but what's this next door a "Maelstrom" I mean a Spin Out, that sadistic ride from Jerrys video??? I had so wanted to ride one of these, but never got this close to one. Time to ride. Word to the wise, when the operator tells you to put your hands on your knees do so, the OTSR's lower quite violently.. It is also hard to keep hold of loose articles. Wow, this is demented at its finest, being spun while being held upside down. The motion of this taffy pulling machine of a ride is hard to describe. But I give it a thumbs up.

We then head next door to the Storm. the Storm is a cross between a Top Spin and a Waikiki Wave. Today it was really showing its Waikiki Wave properties by being broken down all day.. We then take a look at the two overhead rides, a cycle tour and a electric powered 'airship' ride both of which go over the waterpark in the back. We decide to get on the Giant Wheel, which has got to be one fo the fastest moving Giant Wheels I have been on. We got picutres and noticed how the weaved in a miniature golf course. We then headed back around the other side of the park towards Rollie's Coaster. Rollies Coaster appears to be a fairly standard Zyklon ride, running several cars. Unfortuantely it also has OTSRs. The ride was alright, I hear the cha-ching of a coster credit being scored, and we move on. (#112)

To Sea Serpent. Sea Serpent is now running a vividly colored new Vekoma train. And the station has an extended tunnel like entrance for some good visuals off the first lift. We climb in the back seat and prepare for another coaster credit, when we get surpised. This is THE smoothest Boomerang I have ever endured. Even though I braced myself for the return leg, it was totally unnecesary. Many Kudos to Morey's for the excellent upkeep of this ride. (#113)

This prooves that Morey's cares about their rides, which maykes me wonder WHY they put OTSR's on their Pinfari products??? We were aboutto move on to the next pier when we spotted the Dark River, another dark ride. Dark River would be a dark ride in boats, and was very oldtime and had very one lifelike stunt jump out at us: an extreemly lifelike animatronic that looked JUST like a Morey's Pier ride operator :)

We then hiked it on down to the last of the piers, Wild Wheels. Wild Wheel ssurpised us in that it only has a single deck carousel, we headed right for the Doo Wopper, a Zamperla Wild mouse, while I love the cars and the theming, and I do appreciate that they were operating TO capacity, I.e. a walk on, they only used a couple cars as to not have to use the mid course brakes too mch. Still I found Doo Wopper to be sorta slow and uninspired. (#114)

We then headed back to Great White, the main course. The ride is marked as 7 tickets (at 75 cents thats $5.25 if you go pay-per-ride) I mean you almost HAVE to buy the passport if you plan on riding any decent amount of rides at Morey's. Great White is a CCI Dbl Out and Back with an unusal setting, and a steel support structure. We headed up the stairs and took our first ride int he back seat. I love the life approach tunnel, and the ride seems to have some good airtime spots. Overal a worthy CCI coaster. (Running seatbelts and ratcheting lapbars (no headrests) with black covers over the orange lapbars. (#115)

We then went and took our free Go-Kart ride (They mark yoiur wristband), then took another ride on Great White, this time in the front seat. The votes are in and Great White is a back seat ride.. We then rode the Inverter, and headed down to what looked like one of those spinny rides in the darrk. (Some Mummy;s Curse in 3D) but were surpised when we were handed 3D glasses, get inside and it is a walk through dark attraction, compelte with the rolling tunnel ilusion at the end. We exit and head to the Jersey Junkyard, this piers dark ride. I should have guessed when the ride only was priced at two tickets, this was the bummer of the Morey's dark rides. Shame is that just when it starts getting good, it ends. We then took a trip on the Poma SkyRide, and went back for another backseat on Great White. While not in my top tier coasters, Great White is a wonderful rerideable CCI.

We thend ecided to head back towards the car, making a stop of Den of Lost Thieves on the way, and the remanins of Nickel's Pier. Nickels's appears to be a waterpark now, and while the Haunted Castle is still open $4.50), the Dungeon Ride appears to have been sacrificed, there was no 'blood' flowing in the trough, and there was no metnion of the ride made on the ticket booth signage. Nickels does apprarently own the Denof Lost Theives, and for $3.00 we took a spin. The shooting gallery dark ride concept is great, and adds a novel competetive twist. the downsides are that you don't follow the story line since you are too busy shooting anything that lights up, the gun cables seem too short,a nd man your arms get tird. But all in all I did find it to be a fun novel ride, even if I did get smoked (410 to 250).

We then found out that both of Merey's souvineer stands would ultimately prove to be closed today but it was time to move on down to Playland Pier. (Ocean City, NJ)

Oh and lest I forget, Erics description of how the rides were intwretwined was a "cozy' layout.

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