Lakemont Park

June 22, 2000

Upon reaching Lakemont we see the excellent minor league stadium, and pass that and its $1 parking (game today), for the free parking for the park next door. Or what looks like the parks parking lot, it looks more like a subdivison that has a park behind it. Anyway we find a parking space, head up to the impressive front gate, where we buy our Ride All Day passes and then enter the park ($7.95)

We walk through the picnic grove, and down an aisle of rides, I mean aisle as in some rectangular stockade enclosures with rides in them. BTW where is the shading here? We note Twister is down for rehab, and Octopus is DDM. But we head for Toboggan, a strange Chance Ride that looks acts and breathes rollercoaster.

They load it kina like a flar ride. They wait for all 4 cars to return home, unload all 4 and then start loading. eric took Car 1, and I took car 2. Man I did not rmember these cars being this small. I sorta had to scrunch down to get the roof closed, and I really don't recall you sitting with your legs sttraight out. And the oversized lapbar. I watch Eric enter the rocket, and wait for my own ride. While waiting I note the LACK of padding on the car roof. Uh-OH. I enter the rocket, and I wonder if I really needed this credit, the strange vertical lift and then the spiral down the outside, then the bunnyhops where I didn't get as much airtime as I remembered (and for once we can be thankful) as this turned it into a rideable ride. I waited to be unloaded and we made our way past a picnic grove under construction, to Leap the Dips.

Man, does Leap The Dips look beautiful, and we take time to breather in all the plaques and postings in the station, we note they are running one car (the red one) the blue is on the transfer track, and there appears to be an orange one in the carbarn.. No problem as it would be at most a 3 cycle wait all day. We mount the entrnace steps, and I tke the back seat and Eric takes the front, the comfy cars are like sitting on a sofa, and no restraints here either. Up the speedy lift, and WOW I was NOT expecting this ride to have this much action. It is fast, it is peppy, it seems to get faster as you go, then the big dip actually has air as you can fel the car on this side friction woodie leave the track for a second or two. Impressive, mighty good show for 1902 technology. I mean I was prepared for a nice slow scenic ride down Nostalgia lane, not a fast peppy fun ride. (not that I'm complaining)

We then headed to the Mad Mouse next door. The line was just to the bottom of the ramp, and following in local custom we waited by the operator booth for a car to stop in the load area before procceded ithrough the final stretch of queue line. We take seperate cars, and now I know where Wham Bam comes from. I also note the little cars have NO passenger restraints that I can detect. Well the back seat has had some padded blocks installed that make it a tight fit, and we wound up sitting just in front of the blocks but leaning back. Up the lift, and wow this must be what the Mad Mouse feel was all about. Wild fast turns, and the last trip around the ride is pure demented, I mean drops that are abrupt and just don't seem natural. And the car does make a Wham Bam noise. Wicked.

We then decide on a restroom run, which actually fatefully takes us back near Skyliner. But first a trip to ride the Littel Leaper, a Herchell kiddie oval, credit scored.

Now back to Skyliner, which is back behind the Go-Karts. Up the ramp and we note no line for the front seat, so we ride up front. Get iun the train and Whoa! No seat Divider? These funky looking lapbars look more like what they install in their Junior trains than their full size trains. Then it hit us, this is just like their junior train, only much larger. We make this turn to the lift watch some batting practice, and proceed on this double out and back. A lot smoother than it is made out to be, and not a bad ride. We go for another, in the back seat. Holy ejector air on that first drop Batman. This must be where the ride gets comments qabout being rough.

We then race on the Monster Track, and then heaqd back for some more skyliner rides. We return to an empty station and the op tells us we can sit back down if we want to ride again. I was in middle train, and I moved to back seat, and Eric went to front seat. I did my hands up ride, but just barely. We gort back to empty station, and we must have been convincing in prompting the op to send the train through without a station stop. I then relaized I was still in the back seat. Its time to find out what this grab bar is all about. I like the term untamed for this ride.

We then exited Skyliner and went to see the park, stopping to feed the ducks, and heading towards that evil Chance Torture Device, but we opted NOT to ride the evil Chance Torture Device, and decided to ride what looks like a home brew Swing ride. We don't have to wait too long and are admitted, and find chairs that can barely accomodate us. I wonder if I should ride. The usual lapbar is not present, and instead there is a chain that comes up from between your legs with two dogclips, the clips attach to the armrest of the chair, sort of forming a seatchain. Then the ride starts, and my this thing spains fast, very fast, as in "I'm getting Dizzy fast" But after a long while we return to earth, thank goodness, exit and I find I can't walk strraight. Wow, I named this the Sadistic Swing Ride. We then decide to stop by the Arcade, and I spot Hercules, no not the bad wooden coaster from Tuesday, but the oversized, cueball for a ball sized ammoth pinball machine. (From Atari) only 25cents, time for a game. Okay the cueball is a bit too heavy and getting it back to the top of the machine is a challenge. I then play P2K (return to mars) (50 cents). speaking of P2K they seem to be all over in PA, I wonder why PKI doens't have one. I also note that at Lakemont and maybe Hershey the games all have warning stickers on them like "Suitable for all ages" or "Warning Violence" etc.

A stop for a soft drink, and a tour of the Leap The Dips Museum and some purchases, we go back and fest on Leap the Dips. We run into Dale whom we saw at Knoebels, and chatted a while. I repeat Leap the Dips was much better than expected. Easily my favorite coaster at Lakemont.

We then spot no one riding the Mad Mouse, so we take another ride on it, before heading out. We tried to get another Toboggan ride but it had gone down maintenance. We then exited the park, where I don't know if it is intentional or not but we exited through retail, and looked around a gift shop in the main gate building. BTW the restrooms in the main gate building are better than the ones in the park.

We then climbed back in the car and made the long drive to Harrisburg.

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