Magic Kingdom Trip Report

Location: Orlando, FL

Date: 12/4/95

Weather: Just right.

Crowd: Medium (This is a monday, the kid's should have been in school for crying out loud!)

Admission: Approx. $40

Description: The Florida re-make of the original Disney park. Has several themed sections (Jungle, wild west, the future, etc.)


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

A Mine Train Coaster.

Description: Disney's version of a mine train. This ride features 3 lifts, and both tunneled inside sections, as well as outside sections. Most of the circuit has animated scenes, such as a flooding town. The first lift has a cool effect that makes you think you're going to get soaked. Don't be expecting any steep drops, however, this is a family coaster and reaches a top speed of 30 mph.

Trains: 5(!) custom made trains, each with an 'engine' in front. The trains have Morgan style lap bars and are lightly padded.

Platform: This coaster has 2 platforms, each serving the same coaster, switch tracks after the brake run, and right after dispatch allow this to happen. Each platform has its own line, but seating is assigned, and there is no waiting for seats. When this coaster runs 3 or 5 trains you get the 'single-track-racer-effect' by getting off at the opposite platform than you boarded.

Opinion: A good family coaster. Not very thrilling, my dad got on it, he hates rollercoasters, but says this one is about as wild as a train ride.

Space Mountain:

An enclosed 'Wild Mouse/ Jetstar' type of ride. The building houses two similar coasters, for increased capacity. Each coaster has it's own line. After waiting outside, then through the long tunnel back to the actual ride (which is actually outside the park), you hit the queue line where the ceiling has SFX to look like outer space, look high and you can see the ride do a station 'fly-over' After boarding 'assigned seats- the disney way', you go through a lit tunnel with a mirrored end so you don't expect the sudden turnaround onto the lift. This ride conveniently tells you stuff like "20 sec. to takeoff" as you start up the lift, and then further signs as you go up. You then start an in-the-dark ride that is similar to many carnival coasters (i.e. no real drops, a lot of zig-zag motion) you pass through a couple 'lit' tunnels on your way including a bright red brake run, with sound effects, where you go to a separate unload platform and then ride a moving sidewalk into... a video arcade.

Trains: Several (rumor has it that there are 15) 2 car trains, that look like rocket ships, each car seats 3 people in-line style, but with separate seat-backs and lap bars for each person.

Opinion: This ride doesn't do anything for me. While some have described it as a wild-mouse it just does not pull the laterals or airtime of a mouse. In fact it is a pretty dull ride, by modern standards, remember it only goes 28 MPH. I expect more out of a 90' lift and almost 3,200' of track. Rumor has it, however, that this ride is capable of giving a thrilling ride, but it has been tamed down in order to meet the needs of the average Disney customer (a 10 year old and their parents).

Other Rides/Shows/Attractions:

Main Street U.S.A.


Street Vehicles:

These recreations of turn of the century vehicles provide one-way transportation on Main Street. It's often faster to walk.

WDW Railroad:

The train ride, a Disney hallmark (Walt loved trains), this one provides transportation by not only giving a scenic ride around the outskirts of the park, but also stopping in Frontierland, and Mickey's Starland.


The Walt Disney Story:

A film about Walt himself and the creation of Disney World.

Main Street Cinema:

Vintage Disney Cartoons



Jungle Cruise:

A guided boat ride through a humorous 'jungle'. When this ride first opened in California it was actually a serious ride meant to re-create the jungle, but the typical customer would only ride once and then head for the more entertaining stuff, this prompted Walt who was always in touch with the public's desires to make this a funny 'jungle cruise' A disney favorite. Well-worth seeing. This is a very popular ride however, be prepared to wait.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

A dark ride, depicting a pirate battle, and a pirate take-over and pillaging of a town. Very detailed and quite humorous. Word of note to families: Kids often get scared in the dungeon-like inside queue area, and thus loose all of their courage to ride. The ride also features a surprise drop where the front row might get wet..


The Tiki Birds (Tropical Serenade)

An audio-animatronic bird show in the style of a lounge act. This show takes a getting used to, a lot of people find it boring and leave in the middle of the show, or sleep through it. It needs a new show/ or a revamping of the theme.


The Swiss Family Treehouse:

A self guided tour of the Swiss family treehouse. Involves a lot of stair climbing in confined areas. Worth a look.



Train Ride: See Main Street

Big Thunder Mountain: See Rollercoasters.

Splash Mountain:

Disney's Version of a Shoot-the-Chutes ride, ending in a 50' drop (at Disney!). Of course being Disney before the drop you ride through a 10 min dark ride inside the mountain that has a "Song of the South" theme. It also features several false drops before the main one. very Well-Done. Highly Reccomended.

Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island:

Ride wooded, rafts as your means to get to-from Tom Sawyer Island, which is a huge kids' interactive play area with tunnels, bridges, a fort, and lot's more. Kid's would spend forever here. Closes at Dusk.


Country Bear Jamboree:

An Audio-animatronics show featuring bears doing a country hoe-down' style revue. A favorite. Wonderful show, not to be missed.

Diamond Horseshoe Revue:

Note: For those who remember this as a luncheon show where you needed to get reservations, and then were served lunch before watching the show, the format has totaly changed. Now the performers come on stage and do the show, but reservations are no longer taken, it is first come-first serve, and the 'false bar' along one side has become a snack bar.

A re-creation of a turn of the century dance-hall, complete with can-can dancing and other crazy skits.

Liberty Square:


Liberty Square Riverboat:

A riverboat ride around the Rivers of America.

Mike Fink's Keelboats:

A keelboat ride around the rivers of America.

(There also used to be a canoe ride around the Rivers of America)

Haunted Mansion:

A Dark-ride with a Haunted house theme.

Don't expect to get scared, this combo. walk through/dark ride is more funny than frightful. Very well done. You'll be surprised what Disney can do with dark-ride cars.


Hall of Presidents:

Patriotic audio-animatronics show, showing a movie on U.S. History and then having a 'roll call' with the 'Presidents', and then Lincoln gives a speech. Neat if you are into the subject matter, otherwise boring. (Even the 'Presidents' fidget during the show, watch them.)



Skyride: To Tommorow land (has 90 degree turn)

It's a Small World: Boat dark-ride depicting all different countries united in song.

Peter Pan's Flight - A dark ride using suspended cars, depicts the Peter Pan story.

Snow Whites Adventure: A snow White theme dark-ride

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - Another story based dark ride, this one features two similar rides.

20,000 leagues Under the Sea - A 'sun-marine' ride of the aforementioned story.

3 carnival-type rides (What are these doing a Disney???)

A Carousel / A tea-cup ride / and THE dumbo ride (often imitated).


A Lion King stage show. - Did not see

Mickey's Starland

Rides/ Other:

Train Ride: See Main Street

A playground for the kids, and petting zoo (real animals here)

Show: Mickey's Starland Show - a mickey character show.

A live stage show featuring Mickey and the rest of the characters.

Photo Ops:

Note: Only Disney could also make an attraction (Mickey's Hollywood Theater) which sounds like it should be a show when it really is a way to get you to wait a long time to meet Mickey in person, something you can do with no wait out in the park. However you do get to meet Mickey in his 'Dressing Room' in private, meaning just your family for a few minutes. Due to the nature of the attraction the line moves real slow.



Skyride - To Fantasyland

Autopia - Turnpike Cars

AstroJets- A typical control the height of your plane circle ride Placed on the roof of a two story building (elevators provided)

Tommorowland Transit Authority: (Peoplemover): a tour through tommorwland on a train operated by linear induction.

Space Mountain: See Rollercoasters.

Dreamflight: A dark ride about air travel, from the station theme to the ride this is a shameless plug for Delta, one of the park's sponsors. Usually a walk-on, it is that bad.

Carousel Of Progress (It lives on!)

An audio animatronic stage show about progress *sponsored by G.E. / also a shameless plug show") Has merit in that it shows 'typical' life on the domestic side in several 'eras' and how their lifes are made easier by electricity and such. Contains a future scene. (I guess they got tired of updating the 'present' scene) The novelty of this ride/show is that the stage is in the center with its various sets, and the audience ring is divided off into sectors, after being loaded in the 'load' sector and being told the history of the attraction, the audience rotates around the sets, instead of the sets rotating around for the audience.


The Time Keeper: A Circlevision 360 show about time travel. It is funny and fits the Tommorowland theme better than the travelogue did. Well worth watching.

Alien Encounter: Contains Spoilers

Alien Encounter: A theatre-in-the round show. The story is you are watching a scientific demonstration of a device which can warp people ore objects through space to anywhere in the universe. (Hosted by the voice of Tim Curry, of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame), the demonstration goes wrong (of course) and unleashed a hideous-evil looking alien into the auditorium. While the alien appears to be running about the auditorium you can not leave because an OTS restraint system lowered down on you right as the show began. The 'horse-collar' also houses the' 3D audio' speakers, which make you feel the alien is actually moving around, even with the room light totaly off. It also houses 'pinchers' so the alien can appear to grab you/bite you, a hot-air blower for it's breath, and a water blower for other things. If you let yourself go and not try to analyze how the show's being done,it can be quite convincing. However if you start trying to figure out how it's done, the magic wears off.

Opinion: Everybody needs to come here once, it's tradition and the American way. I've seen this park just about every other year, so I'm getting tired of it.

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