TR: Kings Island

Mason, OH

June 3, 2012


We headed back towards Cincinnati, with a stop in Louisville to take a drive around Bluegrass Boardwalk, although there really wasn't anything to see. The park still has the billboards right across from Twisted Twins. We stopped for lunch at the Cracker Barrel next to the fairgrounds. A nice relaxing lunch, then we headed back to Cincinnati. A fuel stop in Sligo later, and next thing we were pulling into Kings Island.

Kings Island was very crowded with company picnics. We first headed to Diamondback, but it had a pretty full queue, as did pretty much everything else until we got to Windseeker. We took a two cycle wait ride on Windseeker, the parks new for last year 301' tower swing. We then met up with April, and took another Windseeker ride., That ride was a learning experience. We had 3 people, so I got paired with another single rider. Said single rider was an under 10 boy who was scared of the ride when we was boarding, a bit more scared on the way up, but after we got to the top, he liked the ride, and upon unloaded proclaimed it a great ride. Yep, the 301' thing scares people until they actually see ride it.

We continue around the park, April and I take a ride on Racer which Rideman sits out. It's no Voyage, but it is offering nice amounts of airtime this year. Continuing our tour we take a ride on Adventure Express, It was a good enough ride, but it reminded us of one of the side effects of the parks new Fast Lane program is they are starting to assign seats on coasters. We like the back car, they told us we were riding in the front car. Quite annoying.

We continue around the park, Invertigo is closed, but we take a no wait ride on Flight Deck, and no Fast Lane means we could choose our own seats. After Flight Deck, we headed to Planet Snoopy, and waited about 10-15 minutes to ride Boo Blasters, the parks shoot em up dark ride, where I creamed both of them, and it wasn't even close.

After Boo Blasters, we take a ride on Woodstock Express, the parks junior wooden coaster (5-10 minute wait), then headed to Diamnondback. Diamondback was posting a 45 minute wait, but it really only took about 20-25. What’s better we were able to convince the seat assigner to send us to the back car. A fantastic powerful airtime filled hypercoaster ride followed. We even had time to quickly run down the exit ramp, and back in the entrance just in time. Only about 5 more people made it line before they cut the line for the evening. Dave and April got another back seat ride, and I got a ride up a couple rows, but still quite acceptable. A great way to finish off the coaster weekend. All that's left is the ride back home!

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