TR: Kings Island

Trip Report: Kings Island

Mason, OH

May 31, 2009


We had just spent the afternoon at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, we head to the parking lot, and for grins and giggles plot Kings Island into our GPS. Hm, it tells us we could be in Kings Islands parking lot in 89 minutes, that 9:30, the park closes at 10. Do we try? We're coaster nuts, of COURSE we do!

We head up I-71 at legal speed and the GPS is actually a bit pessimistic as we pull into the lot at Kings Island at 9:26. The parking attendants have left, so FREE parking, not that we didn't have two valid parking passes with us. We go through that odd feeling of being salmon as we head to a park gate most people are heading out of. We thought perhaps the metal detectoon chechpoint was closed, but as we approached it a secruty guard walked up, scanned us, and we proceeded to the gate. At the turnstile, the ticket taker scans our passes and says "Last minute rides, Gentlemen?"

We head back to Rivertown and after a brief comfort stop get in line for Diamondback. The first queue house is totally shut off, and we head to the second queue area which is a little under half full. About 15 minutes later, we are being shown to a middle of the train ride in row 8. (No choice of seats). Somewhat bummed we still take our ride and get a decent amount of floater air, but its definetly no Voyage. We exit the ride and its 9:55, we race through the gift shop and zip back around and abck into line. This time the second queue area is maybe 1/4 full, so 7 minutes later we are at the top of the station stairs enjoying the fireworks. After fireworks we enter the station, and we hear the seat assignements of the groups ahead "14, 15, 16" Ugh, this doesn't sound good, we get to the front of the line "Go to row 1", are you kidding me, we practically do the 100 yard dash to row 1 before he changes his mind. So there it is, the last ride of an insane coaster weekend, on the front row of Diamondback, and I'm leaning over the clamshell which shifts your body position just enough to get a truly insane feeling ride on Diamondback, no wait, after Voyage on Saturday, I'm afraid I have to reserve insane for much more than this. Let's just say it was a great ride with strong airtime.

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