TR: Kings Island

Trip Report: Kings Island

Mason, OH

September 26, 2008


Tday was the first day of Haloween Haunt, and accordingly I decided to follow last year's strategy and try to go the very first day of Haunt as to have the best chance at a small crowd.  I followed pretty much the same pattern as last year, I left right from work, went up to the park and got to the gate shortly before the 7PM open.  What differed is I met up with Don Flint right after park opening.  The newest Haunt this year was Urgent Scare, so that's where we headed first thing.  

Urgent Scare is located in what is normlly the Action FX Theatre.  There was no line for Urgent Scare, so we pretty much raced through the Action FX queue are which looked to be littered with office and medical suplies and maybe a deranged patient or two, right up to the door.  The storyline which we missed since we didn't wait in line long enough to catch the preshow is that their is some sort of tainted energy drink, Magnum, which is causing some strange virus.  When you get to the hospital, they first group you as normal, Then you go through the hospital lobby one at a time. Not much happens in the lobby, really, then they then escort you into the "elevator". The "elevator" is a room with a vibrating floor, then you get off the elevator, and go through the doctors office, very creepy doctor. Then you go through the inside part of the haunt where you go through the haunted hospital, guts and gore are the name of the game here. Imagine everything you never wanted to see in a patient room, they probably have it was you walk through the wards. The haunt takes place in the side of Action FX theater nearest Vortex, and continues along the exit hallway in the building, through the arcade, and then all the way up the long exit path. Right before you leave the building, the bungee person literally drops in on you from bungee cords. When you exit the hospital (and go outisde) they will say you have to be decontaminanted after going throught the hospital, and they, make you walk through a water curtain. The exit ramp is setup more like making your way through the military blockade.

Urgent Scare is, I think, one of the best haunts here. It has a story, it has a mix of good old fashioned scare along with your guts and gore, the fact it is one of the longest haunts at haunt helps.   After Urgent Scare, we switched it up and did a ride, the line for Firehawk was only about 20 minutes or so.  The bad news is they only have one station running, but with both trains.  The ride itself is still fantastic, I love the flying through air feeling.  What I don't like is due to the single station you sit on the brake run for entirely too long.  

However long it was, it was perfect in that it killed enough time that it was time to head to the Trail of Terror.  Gone was the insulter that caused so much controversy last year.  To get to Trail of Terror you go through a service gate between Firehawk and Death Row, then down the long path to the Trail.  It took a while waiting for Trail of Terror, and you wait in a single file line down a service road to the entrance of the trail. To add further uneasiness there was somemysterious object making noise behind the chain link fence along the road. This year they have increaded this effect by adding burplay fabric to the fence so you have no shot of seeing what is behind the fence making noise. Eventually we were admitted to the Trail of Terror, it has a bunch of redneck themed scenes involving outhouse humor and so forth. This is where Micheal Vick's doghouse was moved to (it was along the midway in Action Zone) I though the outhouse labeled "Marshall University" was a bit gratuitous, must have been a UC fan/student that added that touch.. They did the usual gross looking port a potties, where the door opens and you get wet. Part of it was a hillbilly wedding, and here two the walking through dangling skulls was an element. Anther noteworthy element was the crawl, here you were expected to crawl through a dank dark musty sewer pipe for a ways, there never was a payoff to this other than walking crawling through a sewer pipe and feeling vulnerable, unlike the crawl in the old Curse of the Crypt where you crawled over a glass floor which lit up to reveal live snakes. I can also report there was a bypass for those that couldn't take it. This haunt ended with our first encounter with the chainsaw weilding maniac of the night, which had you running out of the trail, right towards the people waiting to enter the trail.

After Trail of Terror, we decided to skip Death Row as neither of us really like that haunt, and Massacare Manor as I will get to see that pas part of an event next month.  We did go through the Worksite, which is an "outdoor maze" located along the pathway that runs alongside Italian Job.  Worksite was about as bad as last year, except with more queue area at the entrance and a shipping container added to the end that you walk through.  It was like the effect in Tombstone Terrortory last year where you keep going through curtain after curtain in darkness while they are beating on the sides of the container with metal pipes. While in the area we should have gone through the Cemetary but failed to do so for some reason.  It should be noted Cornstalkers was moved due to the construction zone in its former site.  

We walked down International Street taking in the Haunt theme store window displays and were headed to Cornstalkers new location.  We were just abouyt to Cornstalkers, it only had about 6 people in line, but then we got distracted.  We looked over to the left and could not beleive our eyes when we saw a walk on Face/Off.  Pardon us while we take in a rare no wait Face/Off ride.  After Face/Off we take in the new Cornstalkers.  It's new area is the outer walkway around Timberwolf, basically the public walkways outside of the seating bowl.  Much larger space, more secluded and it isn't the traffic control problem that Worksite is.  All in all not a bad haunt.  You have more lattitude to walk around the cornfiled as you wish, and the cornstalks stalk you as you try to get through.

By this time, it was getting late in the day.  I took stock in the rest of Haunt - CarnEVIL and Club Blood would be included in next month's event.  So I have Redbeard's and Tombstone Terrortory left, along with the two shows.  I decide to just snag a Beast ride on my way out.  Worst decision I made all night, not only did I have to walk clear cross the park from one far corner to the other, but then I was awarded with a super slow wait for Beast.  When I got to the station, I could not beleive it was running only a single train.  Man, that was painful.

Next Month: ACE/GOCC/KIE Fall Freak Out - Watch for it.

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