Holiday World

June 11, 1999


Weather: Hot

Crowds: Light

We pull into the crowded but FREE parking lot, made our way up to Group Sales and got our SRM Packet. (A T-Shirt, Wristband, Admission Ticket, Dinner Ticket, Schedule of Events. Coupon Book, Park Map) We quickly went back to the car and ditched everything but the wristband (now on wrist) Admission Ticket, and Dinner Ticket. Go up tot he gate and are admitted, and head right to The Raven!

The Raven, How Great it is to be back at Holiday World riding the Raven Two quick rides reminded me of just WHY this is one of my favorite coasters And the Raven Spit was on! Holiday World loves misters, shoot they even put them on their Coaster and their kiddie slides!

But we would have plenty of time to celebrate the Raven that night, instead we went towards Frighfull Falls and were soon oggling at several round stones and orange cones. As Will Koch would later tell us these were for the 2000 attraction. Holiday World is a family park, and what is more family than a walk through the woods, int he year 2000 you can walk through Ravenswood with the help of the "Worlds Longest Stepping Stone Trail" Darn, and I though they were rollercoaster footers! At any rate you could tell the coaster enthusiasts they were the ones standing alongisde the fence oggling.

We then decided to board Frightfull Falls, a Log Flume ride with an interesting station, the logs never stop moving. The floor never starts moving but the boats move slow enough through he station that this is not a problem. A ride on the Log Flume was soon to be the coaster enthusats second favorite ride [5]. As the whole path was surrounded by those Stepping Stones I earlier reffered to.

Well after the Log flume we decided to check out the Rapids Ride, but first a stop off at the Free Pepsi Stand. Meet Dave Althoff, the say bye to Dave Althoff and proceed to ride the Rapids Ride, Twice!. I will say you get drenched and I love the unusual Hopkins 8 seat boats. They feel so much more open.

Well after the Ravn, we needed to Spin Dry, so we headed to the Spin Dryer. (Otherwise kinown as the Round Up) Ah, what fun, and Sean and a few others decided to ride the Round Up doing all sort of 'stunts'. After the Round Up it was time for Eagles Flight.

Eagle's Flight is their Flying Skooter ride, and RRC'ers love Flying Skooters. We had the ride operator in amazement, I rode twice others rode more often. Seems John Cline and Sean Flaharty put on the best show.

Well we heard a rumor that the new kiddie section closes early, so we headed back there. Then we say John Cline RUN for the water spouts in the the middle of the area. Anyway, they have a new Zamperla Kiddie Coaster called the Howler, with cute Dog shaped cars. We get up to the Howler and see "You must be less than 42" or accompanied by a child" Uh-Oh. We had a sneaking feeling they would be relaxed today, but still we put Sean in the line first to be the spokesman for the group. They were ready for us "Yes, you can ride, no more than 6 coaster crazies at a time" I proceeded into the station and looked closer at the cute little kiddie car I was about to try to get into. It was clearly meant for two kiddies, whith a T-shaped lap bar, and a ridge in the middle of the seat. Oh well, anything for a coaster ride. I sit down and realize that I can only fit one leg under one side of the lap bar. Oh well I guess I have to straddle it, sitting on the seat wedge, then hope the lapbar locks. It did, and soon I was going up the lift for COASTER #72! The ride is a basic kiddie oval with ahelix thrown in, what a headchopper. As with most kiddie ovals you get to go around twice. So I in essence had 2 rides on the Howler. An interesting side note is that our train missed the brake run and started back up the lift. No problem, throw lift in reverse, bring train back into station. Dispatch for ride #2. Ride, Put life in reverse, back into station, Exit.

Well, now we are back in the kiddie town and John Cline runs back to the Water Spouts I hate to admit in this public forum that I am not far behind him. We then learn that we are allowed on the climbing structure. I took great delight in working my way up to the tallest spiral slide. (I did mention the misters ont he slide right?)

Gee this is the seond time this season I have had waytoo much fun in a parks Kiddie area, am I regressing?

Well, I guess Sean and the gang left us to our own devices so I soon made my way back intot he park and spotted Dave Althoff and friends in line for the Bumper Boats, instead of saying Hi, I got in line behind them. Bumper Boating, and here it is included in the POP!

Got off the Bumper Boats and procceded to the Free Pepsi Stand for 3 Pepsis. Hey I was thristy! I looked at the Spider and noted Robert and Sam Ulrich in line, time to get in line behind them. Kevin Dorey, "This Rides For You!" Spin-O-Mania! I love it.

Back out ont he midway, rejoin the group and head towards the Banshee:The Ride Still Known As The Banshee. (A Chance Falling Star, and the onlt ride at Holiday World where TPM is apparent. Thou Shalt Have Two Riders Per Seat!.) We had the ride op totally bewildered with chants of "Beef and Custard", similar to that Taste Great/Less Filling thing on another popular flat ride. Well it is now 6:00, and we have dinner reservations for 6:30. As we head to Kringles Banquet Hall, we opt to ride up the hill by Raven. [6] I meet Jery Dorf by the Raven, Hi Jerry.

After my Raven ride I open my fanny pack to learn the horrible truth: My Fanny pack is NOT waterproof!

My dinner ticket is now wet, discolored and smeared, and the rest of so anything unimportant in this pokcet (such as Skee-Ball tickets)is going in the next trash can I come to. We head to Kringles Banquet Hall and there is a short line, so a stop by the phone, and a trip to wash up before dinner, and I am back in line. The hall opens and we make our way into the banquet hall. Upon entering the banquet hall the person taking tickets name tag says "Paula" I take a chance "Paula Werne??" and we make our introductions, and have light talk about the physical condition of my dinner ticket. Then through the line to get my two GIANT slices of pizza, chips, fudge, and Pepsi, and then I sit by Dave Althoff, Scott Short, and Jerry Dorf. We have our food and start to talk coasters as long as I can stand the rapidly rising body heat which is quickly overpowering the buildings A/C. Finally we excuse ourselves, get another Pepsi and adjourn to the front room of the Banquet Hall. Talk coaster in there for about 10 minutes, and are then directed back to the banquet hall for an important announcement.


Way to go Dave!

Then Will thanked us for coming and mentioned something about how riding the Raven would have to wait as he had some important words to share with us. First he tried the Stepping Stones throught he Wood story on us, which did not work, so he said yes they are building a roller coaster.

Some numbers:

Ride length in excess of 4,000'

Ride Time of 2:00

Ride Hieght of 115'

He then tried to show us the ride from the blueprints which did not show real well in this large room. As soon as the plans were unrolled "The Coaster Enthusiast We Loved To Hate" started in with his Video Camera. And the guy would not SHUT UP for the whole presentation. He quicly became very annoying. After a short attempt at showing the ride from the small plans, it was announced that CCI was there, and they had a larger sketch. The sketch came in a brown mailer with "______" written in big bold letters down the side. We may be reading to much into this, but that could have been the ride name, but the offical PR is June 16. Can't Wait! By the sketch you can see lots of interaction with Frightfull Falls, Wautubee, and Otorongo. 4 tunels, a large Heliix (patrtial tunnels) the big 5th drop, this ride looks like it is gonna kick major butt. He mentioned it will be designed for two trains, but will only run 1. They trains wiuld be Gerstlauer 6 car trains (1 train). The choice to go Gerstlauer was made by CCI's reccomendation, and "nagging" problems with the PTC train on Raven. He did not go into details. (PTC better wake up and smell the coffee buring, with CCI pointing its customers to Gerstlauer, and GCI starting into the realm of building their own trains.) Then Dave Althoff who was sitting attentively and calmly through the whole speech applauded wildly at "And we will have extra padding on the Gerstaluer train". Then the formal Q&A, the the informal Q&A, then it was out to ride the Raven.


WOW, this ride becomes pure magic at night. I mean it just seems to go ALOT faster, th laterals that much stronger, the airtime that much more pleantiful. (Of course whn you can't see the drop till you are yanked down it) This ride is so different I want to count it sperate in my Coaster credits. NOTHING can beat that back seat double ride at night. As we started up the lifts we did the Waynes World imitation, some chanted "We're Not Worthy" Then hand slapping as you flew through the station, I mean the experience was pure magic.

Then after (at least) 20-25 rides during ERT Sean pulled out his videocam. "Your flyer says photogrphy welcome during ERT session only, Night vision camera reccomended" And pointed out that he had a night vision camera, and proceeded to video the ride.

Then we get off the ride and start home when Sean spies an empty single seat and jumps in.

While I wait for Sean to return Will Koch approches me and we have a quick conversation, introductions, and thank yous. Will is one great guy. Then Sean gets off the ride, we make our good-byes, and proceed first past the restrooms, then to the front gate where we are handed a comment card (still have to fill mine out, can I just attch this where it says how was your day?) I mean you could not ask for a nicer park staff, a cleaner park or better atmosphere. And then we were handed a copy of the sketch shown during dinner! If it weren't for it being pitch black out I would have been oggling this picutre all the way back to the hote, but it was dark so I soon was asleep in the car, dreaming of rdiing the Raven, (or was I just merely feeling I was still riding the Raven). Soon it was back to the hotel, grab a snack and crash for the night.

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