Ghost Town in the Sky

Location: Maggie Valley, NC

Date: July 14, 1997

Weather: Just Right

Crowds: Light

Admission: $18

Description of park: A traditional 'theme park' set ontop of a smoky mountain.

The Ride Up to the Park:

You see at Ghost Town, you park in the valley below (FREE) and then are transported up about 3,300' to the park above you.

Your Transportation Options:

The Chairlift -

   A standard chairlift (like those used on ski slopes takes you on a slow (15 min) ride up or down a mountain side that ranges from shallow to steep hills.  Has foot rests, and if you are going UP an on-ride photo booth. (Where if you don't buy it your photo is posted on one of the many bulletin boards in the park)

The Incline Railway =

 An Incline, that traverses the steep mountainside to reach the park, the little red cars have seats that sem tipped way back at either of the two stations, don't worry you'll be sitting up straight during the ride.

The Ghost Town Van -

 As it's name implies this one takes you in a van up backroads to get to the park.  (Meant for handicap access, and for those who can't take either of the other options)


And Once you get to the Depot on top of the Mountain:

You get to either walk up the rest of the steep hills, or take the:


Ghost Town Bus -

 These parking-lot tram style vehicles serve as in-park transportation to get around the park.

The REAL Rides:


Red Devil

1989 Hopkins Single Loop

Description: This single looper is unsual in that the station is at the top of the lift hill (others say mountain side, but that's being generous, as the ride sits on a flat area). You board the train at the top of the lift (in a fregualr coaster staion) , come out, due a right turn then it'd down 88' to go right into the vertical loop, come back around to do a couple upwards helixes, then it's past a safety brake, and up the lift hill to end the ride. (Total length, approx. 2,000')

Trains: Supposedly 2, we saw 1 OD Hopkins train with most of the back half roped off. (Farthest back we got was middle, with first choice of seats!) (I'd guess over half of the seats were 'non-operational') Trains sport seatbelts (which don't always stay fastened, seems the end of the belts can slide right out of the adjustor (NOTE: THIS WAS FIXED WHILE WE WERE THERE) and individual ratcheting LAP BARS, but NO HORSECOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also a funny shaped headrest.

Platform: Funky, platform is set up to do either one or two stop loading. Transfer track runs next to main loading platform. (They were doing one-stop on our visit) First come, first served.

Ride Itself: Honorable Mention! The laterals on this ride could give the KW Thunderbolt a run for it's money. I was sitting single, on the left hand side of the train, and in two certain spots I was bent over down into the right hand seat, not by choice but by FORCE!) Airtime noticable in first drop. (Ohh, I which I could have tried that back seat!) This is a novelty ride.

Dark "Walk-Throughs"

Ok. no dark rides here, but a couple walk-ins

Ghost Mine -

 A walk through haunted house.  Redefines Chessieness.  For example, it starts with the now infamous fake-elevator stunt, except they had both doors open and were just having you walk through it.  - No operators to be seen

Mystery Shack -

  A gravity house - again no operators so it is up to you to figure out what all you can do

Flat Rides -

   (In the time-honored tradition of small traditional parks, the flat rides are either un-named, or use whatever names appear on signage built into the ride itself)

+ Chance Yo-Yo - which swings out over the mountains edge!

+ Hurbetz Round-Up

+ Paratrooper

+ Chance Sea Dragon - swinging ship

+ Chance Casino

+ Sellner Tilt-a-Whirl

+ Circle Swing (It's not a Wave Swinger or a Yo-Yo, any clues folks)

+ Black Widow - (an indoor Scrambler Ride in the dark with strobes and loud music)

+ Bumber Cars - The best bumber cars I've seen, these cars travel fast, and hit hard!

+ Train Ride

+ Several kids rides, including a kiddie-oval type coaster.

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