Gatlinberg Fun Mountain

Location: Gatlinberg, TN

Date: July 18, 1997

Weather: Hot!

Crowds: Non-existent

Admission: FREE admission park, rides on a pay-per-ride basis

WARNING!: Even with free admission this park is the home of the $3.50 Scrambler ride.  The cheapest ride (Carousel) is $3.00 and most flats are $3.50-$5

Pay-One-Price (which includes all Flat rides priced $5 and under) for about $18.


     None, Zilch, Nada, Forget It!

Extreeme Attractions:


Rickey's Rocket -

   An Ejector Seat/Human Slingshot/Reverse Bungee (Whatever your local term is)

         (Solo Rider = $20, Double Rider = $30 (total)) Ride seats 2.


For those wondering what an Ejector Seat/Human Slingshot Ride Is:

 I had the chance to ride one of these at Rebel Yell Raceway (in Pigeon Forge, TN) - ($20 for one rider / $25 for 2)

 Basic description of ride:

 You (and your best buddy if desired) are strapped into twin bucket seats inside a sphereical "roll cage".  Harnessing can be in 1 of 2 different forms (that I've seen)

At Rebel Yell:

   + Start with a basic 5-point body harness

   + Add 2 redundant straps - one from above your left shoulder to lock in by your right hip, the other from above your right shoulder to lock in by your left hip (Forming an "X")

  + Put feet through rope loop, then on foot bar, operator then ties your feet to the foot bar tightly

 + Tighten all these straps to almost-unbearable tightness

At Gatlinberg funmountain:

+ Start with basic 5-point body harness

+ Lower safety bar accross both riders (A Lap bar)

+ Secure Feet with chains to foot bar

Then it's hold your head all the way back, grab either the safety bar, or flight grips (as case may be) and your cage is raised about 25' off ground nice and slowly.  (Wait for bungee cords to ride up on lifts to the top of two twin towers (one on either side of you), operator hits "Eject button" which releases the chain holding your pod to the ground, and you FLY straight up like a rocket about 200' (or so I've been told), then the bungee cords kick in and you start bobbing up and down. Oh, and did I mention that the pod is on swivels so it is free to do rolls?

Other Rides:

+ Go-Karts ($6)

+ Chairlift up mountain

+ Scrambler

+ Tilt-A-Whirl

+ Himaleya

+ Yo-Yo

+Bumber cars

+ Carousel

= And more....

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