David's Flag Collection

I once had to move my flag collection while painting - here is a nice overall view

(The above is my flag collection when I had to move it somewhere while its normal home was being painted)

Welcome to the part of coasterville where I show off my flag collection.  I have had an interest in flags for some time and have been collecting them for the last couple years.  Below are the highlights of what I have:

Due to a rash of vexillogical zeal, my collection has grown large, so I have divided it into the following categories:

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Current 50 Star United States Flags

My current American Flag United States Flag
Annin Nyl-Glo United States Indoor/Parade/Ceremonial Flag (Valley Forge "Indoor/Parade" model with gold fringe

Historical Pattern United States Flags

Bedford Flag 48 Star - United States Flag
Bedford Flag - Annin Nyl-Glo - 3'x3' square flag 48 Star Flag - Unknown - Cotton - Applique stars, sewn stripes, gusseted hoist corners - 3'x6'

International Flags - Flags of the Nations

Hungary Ireland
Hungary - unknown but Hungarian flagmaker - nylon - sewn panel, printed charge, pole sleeve. Actually purchased in Budapest, Hungary Ireland - economy poly - Actually purchased in Bunratty, Ireland.

Other Political Flags - US States, Tribal Nations and Cities

This section contains flags for States, Provinces, Cities, Tribal Nations, Armed Forces, and other political entities.

Ohio Flag Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation
State of Ohio - Ruffin Flag - heavy duty spun poly - sewn panel and embroidered star construction! The Eastern Band of The Cherokee Nation - Unknown - nylon - printed

All Other - Sports, Novelty, Shipping line flags, and other misc. Flags

Xavier Flag Olympic Flag
Xavier Nation - This flag was sold by Xavier University in support of the Musketeers. This design has since been discountinued. Olympic Flag - Annin Nyl-Glo - Printed

Codes and Signals

This section displays flags used to send coded messages - included are Semaphore, International Code of Signals, and Wig-Wag
US Army Signal Corps Flag Kit - Contents Nautical Internatonal Code of Signals (ICOS) Set - Size 0 Nylon
Semaphore and Wig Wag Flags - US Army Signal Corps Flag Kit Set of International Code of Signals Flags

Virtual Flags

Coasterville Flag The virtual "Flag of Coasterville"

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