Fantasy Farm Trip Report

Note: Fantasy Farm Park closed about 8 years ago for good :(. It is included here only

because they offered a 'Wild Mouse' rollercoaster in fact, the only 'Wild Mouse' I've ever gotten to ride.)

Location: Middletown, Ohio (Right next door to Americana)

Date: 10/90

Weather: Cool (low 60's)

Crowd: Ext. Light

Admission: approx. $7 POP during main season. I went after the park had closed for the season.. The park used to host a local charity haunted house, with rides available on a pay-per-ride basis ($1 each) during October weekends.

Description of Park: Fantasy Farm was designed to be a kiddie park, with its rides toned more for the family. Also included a picnic area, caves to walk through, and a petting farm.

Rides: Mostly your standard carnival assortment (Scrambler, Spider, Flying Bobs, Skyride, and more), clearly rides designed for the family. They also had a Wild Mouse.

Roller coaster:

A Wild-Mouse coaster of unknown (to me) manufacture and vintage.

Description: Features a lot of hairpin turns taken slowly at first and then with more and more speed. The long 'mouse nose' in the front of the car gave the illusion you were going off the track at every corner. The ride also had 1 steep drop 'in the middle of nowhere' and a helix-like section.

Train(s)?: Individual mouse-shaped cars (they seat 1 adult or 2 kids. I don't know how many they had because they only had 1 on the track when I went.

Opinion: Fast, fun ride. I wish they would build another one of these near me. Had I realized at the time how rare these rides are becoming I would have taken more rides. The park closed permanently soon after my visit so I never got the chance to go back:(

Interesting Story regarding my ride:

As I mentioned above I had gone to the park primarily for the local Jaycees Haunted House. After I got there I learned that 'selected' midway rides were open for an additional fee. After touring the Haunted house (mediocre) I proceeded to buy 5 ride tickets for $5 and head off to the midway. While I was riding, I remembered seeing a rollercoaster on the parks television commercials so proceeded to further explore the midway beyond the 'open' section (as evidenced by lack of lighting, staff and the booths being closed). I eventually came upon the Mouse in the back of the park in a deserted section. Immediately I wanted to ride it, but there was no one near it to work it, and I didn't know how. After waiting in vain for 15 minutes for someone to come by, I headed down to the midway and after walking for a bit, I saw a staff member who was older than the average ride-op. He appeared to not be doing anything so I stopped him and asked "Is there any possibility of riding the roller-coaster tonight", to which he responded "Follow me" and I followed him back down the deserted part of the park towards the Mouse. He first told me to wait on the ground while he ran the 1 car that was on the track around the circuit a few times before saying "I guess it's okay". He then helped me into the car, and started the ride. Is it common for the whole structure of a Wild Mouse to shake violently while you are riding? Anyway, I had a real fun and exciting ride (talk about laterals) and was delighted when the man gave me 3 circuits before shooing me back down to the midway. On our way back down the hill to the midway he proceeded to fill me in on some of the history of the ride (which I've since forgotten). He seemed grateful that he had the chance to show off his knowledge of the Mouse. I might have been that Mouse's last paying rider as I think the park failed to open for the '91. Oh, and for the 'classic ride' obsessed, he did not even make me fasten the seatbelt.

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