Coney Island (Ohio)

Location: California, OH (near Cincinnati)

Date: 7/23/96

Attendance: Ext. Light at the amusement park section, sell-out concert at their concert facility.

Weather: Sunny, comfortable

Admission: Pay-as-you-go

Description of Park: Once a major traditional park and PTC's testing ground, that park closed in 1971. The park spent time as a picnic ground and swimming park. Then a concert facility 'Riverbend' was added to draw crowds back to coney. The newest owners have installed a variety of rides along the parks former midway. Sort of a Coney renaseance. They have yet to re-build a roller coaster, however :(


Sunlite Pool:

Sunlite, Coney's original pool is still open and operating. It features 'the world's largest re-circulating pool' , according to signs posted at the pool. Also featured is a hi-dive tower, athletic fields, sundeck and waterslides. The waterslides consist of the older 'Zoom Flume', a pair of similar though not identical body slides. They follow an elongated S pattern and are supported on a wooden structure that has more supports than your typical roller-coaster. A newer addition, to compete with waterparks was the instalation of a pair of speed slides. The slides have later been enclosed to become 'Pipeline Express'.

Rides Midway

Pay-per-rides, or pay one price, it's your choice. I arrived at 7 PM on a night with a 9 PM close, and the guy at the ride-ticket booth sold me a POP for only $4. Combine that with the $2 discount at the mini-golf concession and I think you have the cheapest POP in modern times: $2

Ride Selection:

Other Attractions:

Famous Fairways:

A mini golf course where each hole is modeled after a famous golf hole in real golf, including water hazards and sand traps.

Moonlite Gardens:

The parks original dance hall. so-called because the building has no roof over the dance floor and low lighting. Still hosts big band and 50's dances.

Moonlite Pavilion: A second multi-purpose pavillion added in the parks more recent years in order to accommodate 2 different dances at once.


The parks concert facility. Cincinnati's prime concert facility. Riverbend hosts rock, country and jazz concerts as well as classical and pops concerts. It is an ampitheatre and features both traditional as well as lawn seating.

Opinion of park: With the right owners, this could once more be a major park. Their chief problem is the yearly flooding which still cancels Riverbend shows.

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