Coney Island, OH

September 6, 1999

Trip Report: Coney Island (OH) - California, OH

Date: 9/6/99

Crowds: Packed

Weather: Hot

Admission: See below, Coney is a FREE admission park.


Well, on this the last day of full season, I was thinking of proper ways to end the season. And I thought I haven't been to *THIS* Coney Island yet this year. [Footnote 1].

So despite that tragic event that occured twenty eight years ago today [2], I went ro ride a rollercoaster at Coney Island.

So just as generations before me had done, I went down Kellog Ave, until reaching the Coney Island parking gate. Luckily, Mom's union (as was every union in Cincinnati) was having a group outing. I had a good deal. Drove up the access drive to the parking lot and thought, "You couldn't tell this place died 28 years ago, as long as this parking line is", and we got up to the toll booth and they collected $2 parking, and $2 admission per person. Wait, I thought Coney was a FREE admission park. It is, the $2 was for a picinc dinner and the handy dandy all day drink service.(As denoted by the green tyvek jewleryI was given.)

Ok, so grnadma and mom were with me so I helped get the car unloaded and everybody over to the picnic shelter for out hotdog, lasagna, garden salad, hamburger and chips dinner. (Pretty good for $2!) and got them setup for Bingo. Then I went in search of a coaster.

I knew my way around Coney I've been there a few times, so soon found myself in the rides midway, then went to where I thought the ride ticket office was. (It had actually moved, but the AFL had a ticket table at that location anyway. I found out that with my GREEN tyvek jewlery, I could purchase a WHITE piece of Tyvek jewlery for only $4! The white band bearing the inscription "RIDE ALL DAY"

OK, I had the white Tyvek but still did not spot a coaster, so I walked down by Lake Como. Nope not here either. And being a typical male, asking directions is out of the quetstion. I decidedto look behing the Flying Bobs. There it is all the way at the end of the midway.

I quickly got in its line. No queue line here just a painted birck trail, then a painted line on the midway. The line was right at the end of the trail where it hits the midway. Funny in true RCT fashion it would not get any longer. Well I had time to look at it. The PEPSI Python, coaster #96. I knew it was a Zyklon, the Python from Nickel's Pier to be exact. The first thing I noticed was the trains. Yes, trainS. They had two of them running, a yellow and a blue, each with 2 cars. So good start we have two 8 passenger trains. Any they were doing a good job at pairing singles without holding up the line, or any riders.

A very efficient operation, one train was dispatched as soon as the other one hit the final brakes. Not quite the way the ride was blocked, but better than what their sister park does [3] At least it kept the line moving. Next I noted the trains, the cars look very futuristic. Not like any I had seen on a Zyklon before. In fact they looked sorta vaguely like Superman:Ride of Steel cars. I mean the front seat of each car has a very low 'hood', the cars really have no sides. Very sleek looking. And the backs of the cars look like they could have nice lighting packages, but since Coney is never open after dark "The world may never know" Restraints were by means of single position locking lapbars. Manually released at end of ride. I noted that a larger rider has LOT better chance sitting in the back seat of either of the cars. I had to do an Arrow Mine Train to ride in the front seat. [4]. Anyway I waited in line, Noted the green-black trackwork (How fitting for this chain) and the green station. I climbed the stairs and boarded 1.2 of the Yellow train. I like the new open cars, gives you a much better "We're gonna fly right off the track" feeling. And I have to say, that although few coasters can do it, for some reason, this little Zyklon gives me the "First Drop Gutwrench" Layout is rather simple. 180 degree turn right, go up lift that crosses diagonally accross the structure, turnaround left, block brake 1 (not on), first drop while crossing structure, rise, turnaround right, trim brake 2 (on), drop 2, rise into helix, come out of helix up and do a station flyover, (with loud anti rollbacks) slight dip, turnaround right, last dip, trim 3, turnaround right into final brake, advance to unload brake, you get out and car advances to load brake.

I immediately went back for a re-ride, and again got the Yellow train, seat 2.2. A litle wilder.

Then hit the midway, stopping off at the Flying Bobs. Coney has an interesting theory on how to run flat rides. As you may know Flying Bobs, (like Trabant) can be run either forwards or backwards. usually parks run the ride forwards, bring to a stop, run backwards. stop. Coney runs one cycle forward, clear ride, load ride with new riders, run backwards, clear ride, load ride with new riders, run forwards. etc. Usually not a problem when you can just stay on, but when you have a 3-4 cycle wait, it makes it kinda hard to time to get to ride both ways. I decided not to try. Anyway I boarded Flying Bobs, and noted a park map lying on the ground between my tub and the ride machinery. I decided to get a park map from GR instead of reaching into said machinery. I also noted the ride has some wear to it. The lapbars have paint peeling off, and the seatbelt looks vary worn I could put my fingers through the strap worn by one of the connections to the car body. But I fastened belt anyway and proceeded to ride a nice fast forwards Flying Bobs. (I noticed big red decals saying not to swing the cars, If they are desinged to swing out, I wonder how it could hurt......) In general I am starting to notice a lot more rider safety stickers being attached tor rides these days.

After my Flying Bobs, I proceeded to the Super Round Up, and actually walked right on Woo-Hoo. I can't think of the last time I saw a FULL super round up. They had every single slot full. I appreciated the way they added extra 'canvas padding' to go from the top of the ride to the floor.Oh, and the lighting package was good, and on, not that you could see it. I am also convinced that they run their Round UP faster than at Americana. I was starting to feel a bit queasy, but remembered the Dave Althoff "Bend your knees" TR on here a while back and proceed to bend my knees, such that my feet were on the canvas padding and noted just how much more enjoyable the ride was.

I then went next door to the Trabant and waited 2 cycles for it to go DDM :( before my ride. "We gotta clean the ride" Hmm. I takes 15 minutes to "clean a ride". Someone just HAD to puke and hold the line up!

Ok, I left the line, and walked down by Lake Como, to the Tilt-A-??? What happned to it. The Helicopter ride sits here now. I noted only 6 Krazy Kars out and did the math. Ok, Scrambler, this one runs about as quiet,fast and effortless as the one at their sister park. One oddity id that you have to walk UP steps to exit. (Hey, Dave Althoff, what is the ruling on 4 riders in one Scrambler tub, I saw that one alot today?????)

Ok, I headed past the restrroms, then walked by the games midway, noted outdoor video arcade with 90% of the machines marked out of order. Then down past Moonlight Gardens to the Spin-A-Ree. I did not note any adults riding this one, noted it was 'priced' in the kiddie category so decided to skip on this one. (Even though I did want to ride it, and it looked classic.) Then walked next door to the Tilt-A-Whirl. Hmm, I wonder what Sellner has to say about a tilt where the car tops have been replaced by a less substantial grillwork., and the car floors are of same grillwork, instead of being solid. Whatever the ride still gave a good performance. (read SPINNEY) It was about this point where I waled past Lake Como and looked at the Adult Bumber Boats (apparently included in the RAD, but again I did the math with the line) so headed up to the parkls giftshop. No Pepsi Python shirts to be found, but I did find an intrersting selection of reproduction souvinner postcards. I bought one of each. I now have a Wildcat postcard where the back says "Ride the Wildcat" I wish I could......

Back out of Gift Shop, I went back to Pepsi Python for one final ride, this time in seat 1.1. "Sir we can't get the bar locked" So I crossed my ankles. CLICK! All those rides on Arrow Mine trains paid off!

That front seat feeling of openess is great, like a mini Superman. (Maybe Darien should get one of these and put it accross from Superman (alongside Predator) for the kiddies. Using this train style)

And again, the Yellow train! What are the odds of getting the yellow train all 3 times? [5] Oh, and the Pepsi Python train had Pepsi logos on the hood and car sides. As well as a Pepsi sign above the Python light up sgn on the ride.

Ok, then it was over to Trabant, and it was up. I had a 1 cycle wait, and got to watch some riders get their chewed out for linejumping

Anyway, I had a backwards ride on Trabant and the ride almost cost me fifty cents even though I had a wristband. I found it on the car floor though. A overly long Trabant ride, just the way I like. i actually started daydreaming!

Then it was time ti head out, I watched a couple live shows, walked past moonlight gardens. And headed out.

There are some that say that Coney Island died ths day 28 years ago. Much like Mark Twain, its death is an exxageration. I mean think about it, I can still 28 years later go to Coney, ride a rollercoaster, ride classic rides of the type thatmay have been there 28 years ago, swin in sunlight pool, dance in moonlight gardens, play midway games (I won the 1 game I played today) have food, see shows. admire the landscaping, relax and get thae classic amusement park feel. It hasn't died, Coney Island STILL operates as an amusement park. All we need to do now is bring back the Shooting Star and the Island Queen. Coney can rise again, and flood again, as the signs posted all over the park vividly show the midaway was submerged in 10' of water just 2 years ago.

Lone live Cincinati's Coney Island

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