Bland's Park

June 22, 2000

We arrived at Blands at around 11:45 and parking in the free lot behind the waterpark, made our way to the main gate and opted for the pay-one-price even though we would not be here long. ($6.95) Crossed the bridge that reminds me of a park down in Louisville, and headed for the main food stand. Well the food stand also opens at noon, so we go look at some rides. We watch the coaster being tested, but decide to not start our day on it. I must say Bland's park added a nice patriotic touch with the playing of the national anthem before opening the rides.

We started our day on the Paratrooper, an unusual looking model, and equipped with seatbelts and overhead lapbars (as opposed to the scrambler style ones found on most Troopers'), then went to the Space Odyseey, an indoor Caterpillar (no canvas covers) a good light show and a forwards only ride. We then headed to the Zyklon and Eric got the back seat,, and I got in the next to back seat. A good airtime filled ride, but not THAT good. Eric said I'd have to ride the very back seat. But first time to check out Murph's Kitchen . Dang, Murh has a line clear back out of the pavilion. We decide to let this first rush pass by checking out some midway rides, we did the Dodgems. While not as good as Knoebels, Eric noted, that as a former dodgems operator he really appreciated the lap bars and how they could probably help Dogem throughput, we next did the Casino, a backwards only ride on this thmed Trabant. Research perfomed just before my trip told me that this Casino used to be at PKI. We looked at the LARGE round up, the pony ride, and headed back towards the coaster but decided on some food. Yep no line now at the window. I had the potato salad and Meatball Hero w/cheese. Mark you missed out this is indded some top shelf potato salad. Very good. And the food here is priced very reasonable. Who would have thought you could put together an amusement park meal for under $5?

After our excellent lunch, and that excellent potato salad (Mark?) we headed to the coaster, or Zyklon. This time I got the very back and Eric got next to back. I remind you that this Zyklon does NOT have lapbars, only seatbelts. I was in no way prepared for the "Oh my Gawd! Someone save Me! quality airtime going down the first two first drops. Wow I think this redefines ejector air. The rest of the ride is a normal Zyklon but those first two drops wil be forever etched in my memory, I have a newfound respect for Pinfari. Oh, and Blands' was running TWO trains on this Zyklon. (Remember they have the jumbo model with the three car long trains). By then we had to leave but not before having a slice of pizza which we ate literally on our way back to the car. Hey had to hold us over for the long 15 mile drive to our next park :).

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