Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Location: Williamsburg, VA

Date: 7/8/94


Weather: HOT

Admission: about $30


All rollercoasters use seat queues to wait for any seat.

Big Bad Wolf

An Arrow Suspended - 1984

Description: This ride features 2 lift hills, and 2 'sections' . The first sections features a series of windy curves that take the train past a miniature German village. The second section features the ride's big drop, the "Rhine River Drop" that drops from the rides highest point to just feet above the Rhine River below.

Trains: 3 standard Arrow Suspended trains (7 cars, 4 per car)

Opinion: My favorite suspended coaster. The trip through Germany is the rides best feature.

Drachen Fire

An Arrow Multi-Inversion Coaster - 1992

Description: A multi element coaster with 5 inversions, I think, it used to have more but one corkscrew was removed. It's unique feature is an inversion on the first drop.

Trains: 3 'New Style' Arrow multi-element trains (7 cars/ 4 per car)

Opinion: Very Rough, intense coaster. Not for beginners.

Loch Ness Monster

An Arrow double-looper - 1978

Description: This ride features 2 interlocking vertical loops as well as a tunneled helix. The trains can be timed so that 2 trains enter the loops simultaneously.

Trains: 3 standard Arrow multi-element trains (7 cars, 4 per car)

Opinion: Fast,fun ride, the tunneled helix was a surprise for me, since no one ever mentions it..

Shows and Attractions:

Other Rides:

Opinion of Park: Very Good park. Plenty to do for the whole family.

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