Americana Amusement Park

Date of last visit: 8/99

Location: LeSourdsville, Ohio

Admission: $15.95 / $7.50 after 4 PM

ACE Promotion: Half off admission for Ace members!

Description of Park: A traditional park built around a 22 acre man made lake. Mainly a picnic-park.


Screechin' Eagle

A 1927 John Miller dogleg out-and-back


1 hybrid Train. (Chassis by NAD, cars by PTC) - Old Elitch Gardens Wildcat train. Has standard lap bars, seat dividers, seat belts, and a back seat headrest.

Console: Computer controlled

Platform Procedure: 1 trainload at a time, first come, first serve w/ added Flush loading in '97.

(97) Still a very good ride! With the recent retracking job the ride runs a lot smoother, but the laterals and airtime can still be enjoyed (in somewhat reduced quantities). The new seat dividers allow the person on the left to get a new experience caused from the laterals: That of landing right on the small seat divider. At the end of the season, this ride was back to it's fast and furious self.  

The Serpent

A Galaxi

First seen at this park in 1990. New car shells for 1996. (Old ones behind Eagle)

Currently running 1 train of 2 cars, 4 per car. Seatbelts only.

My Opinion:

A standard fairground coaster, nothing special.

Little Dipper

A Herschel Kiddie-Oval

Back when I was short enough to ride it, I thought it was fun.

Water Ride:

Raging Thunder

A Log Flume built with a ground level concrete trough. Only the lift and drop are above ground level. Features include a rapids-style section with several quick drops, as well as a tunnel that has a water-curtain across the trough. This year the drop did not have any water running down it, which led to a very hard,rough, and wet landing in the pool below

Main drop again has water running down it, did not try it due to cold temperatures.

Other Rides/Attractions:

My Opinion of park

Arrive after 4 and take the starlight admission. This still allows you 5 hours with the earliest closing time. Unless you are big on shows, 5 hours is way more than enough. Crowds are hardly ever a problem. If we hadn't of decided to have an informal marathon on the Screechin Eagle (got in 62 rides) we would have been ready to leave in 2 hours.

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